March 2015
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Healthy AND Delicious Breakfast

breakfastHere is the breakfast I made this morning. Not only is it healthy and contains a ton of healthy fats and proteins, but it also happens to taste fantastic – even a little indulgent because of the generous use of avocado.  I used about a half an avocado sliced up on top of the omelette.

It’s a three egg omelette, using only one and a half of the yolks to cut down on the fat and cholesterol.  A tiny bit of shredded sharp cheddar folded inside add a nice sharp, cheesy flavor. A bit of Real Salt on top and pepper help to season the eggs and add more flavor as well.

I used about 5 grape tomatoes on top, cut in half.  It was so good and it filled me up til lunch time, which is unusual for me.

Healthy fats (omega 3’s) do that though. They promote a feeling of fullness when you eat them, and they tend to tide you over a lot longer than a meal without any of them in it.

It’s super easy and you may even half at least half the ingredients lying around your house already.

Passport to Recover—4 Ways to Manage Triggers

The road through alcohol and drug rehabilitation has many highs and lows for the individual in recovery as well as for their supporting friends and family. From one moment to the next, an individual coping with addiction may experience mood swings, bouts of depression, and even rage.

As a bystander observing from the sidelines, it can appear to be a never ending spiral of chaos. In contrast, those who are going through treatment are constantly faced with the potential for relapse.

Usually, this temptation is brought on by what’s known as “triggers.” These could be prompted by a number of things ranging from certain environments, to memories or social groups. The key to seizing control of your addiction and avoiding an unwelcome relapse is to manage these triggers in the appropriate manner.

Identify Triggers

If you’re serious about getting your triggers under control the first step is to identify exactly what they are. Put pen to paper and make an actual list of the environment, individuals, and words that evoke a desire to binge.

Some examples include driving past a liquor store, being in a bar, or around others who are engaging in the addiction you’re battling. Triggers also vary from person to person so just because one person is set off by something doesn’t mean it’ll have the same effect on you.

Create a Coping Strategy

After you have a solid understanding of your specific triggers, it’s critical to develop a strategy for overcoming them. Think of them as hurdles on the track to recovery. Your primary job is to learn the proper technique necessary to jump over them.

The Relapse Prevention Approach is a highly used psychotherapy method for executing this very thing. Based on the theories of G. Alan Marlatt and others in the field, the RP approach borrows concepts of self-organization, context effects, and feedback loops to understand the science behind addiction.

Address Your Needs

If you’ve gone through in-patient or addiction treatment then you’re probably already familiar with the 12-step model. In times of trouble, reverting back to the skills learned in this model can be very helpful for combating powerful urges.

Another exercise hailed for its efficacy is known as H.A.L.T (hungry, angry, lonely, and tired). These four components can help you quickly identify your conditioned responses to certain stimuli. From there you can retrain your mind to respond in a more appropriate manner. If you’re having difficulty identifying these needs, consider one of the drug addiction treatment programs at Ambrosia Treatment Center.

Monitor Your Progress

The last component of managing triggers is to monitor and track your results. Some individuals find it helpful to create a trigger chart with their ongoing progress.

On the chart, divide the trigger or situation into different categories (feelings, behavior, consequences) and document how each event triggers a different reaction. Over time, you should see a dramatic improvement in the way you handle certain scenarios and situations.

If you’re still not noticing the type of growth you’d like after employing these four strategies, seek professional help through an outpatient treatment facility or addiction specialist.


Senator Durbin Trying to Introduce Another Anti-Supplement Bill : Important

I wanted to share this with my readers since every time a dangerous anti-supplement bill is introduced I want my readers to have the tools to fight it with all they have. This means writing your representatives and telling them how you feel, and that you want them to vote down this dangerous proposal so you can enjoy any supplement you want, unencumbered with high costs and limited availability that surely would occur if supplements were limited by senseless acts of bureaucracy. 

Senator Durbin has just reintroduced S. 1425, the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act. As your constituent, I ask you to oppose this very dangerous legislation.

The bill requires that the FDA, together with the Institute of Medicine, compile a list of dietary ingredients ( supplements) that could possibly lead to adverse events or are otherwise deemed risky in some way — based on completely arbitrary or nonexistent standards. Moreover, once an ingredient or supplement is on the list, there is no clear process to challenge the FDA and IOM determination, not even if new or contradictory evidence comes to light.

Sen. Durbin has said his bill is designed to stop “mislabeling products and making health claims that have no scientific basis” and “marketing supplements with impure or incorrectly identified ingredients.” If that’s the case, the senator should be pleased to know that each of those things is already against the law! In fact, almost all of the bill’s provisions are already covered by existing law, and the few that aren’t covered are so vague that they could mean whatever the FDA wants them to mean.

DSHEA, the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, GMP standards, and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act all ensure the safety of nutritional supplements and provide guidelines for clear and comprehensive labeling. This bill uses vague language to create extraneous red tape, paperwork, and burdensome labeling requirements, when everything the bill mandates other than its new and entirely arbitrary disapproval process is already being accomplished under current law! What is needed is enforcement, not new legislation.

This bill may also have far-reaching consequences. For example, if the FDA and IOM draw up their arbitrary list of “safe” supplements and amounts — such as no vitamin D in amounts greater than 4000 IU — as provided for in this bill, more therapeutic supplement doses or preparations would never meet the new hurdle set by the FDA’s guidance on New Dietary Ingredients, if that is allowed to go forward.

The Dietary Supplement Labeling Act gives government agencies the right to say no to  safe and healthful nutritional supplements on unknown and  completely arbitrary grounds. It’s a naked FDA power grab, an attempt to move us one step closer to a full FDA pre-approval system for supplements. This could all have a profoundly negative impact on our nation’s health and our healthcare costs.

For one thing, it would make supplements insanely expensive, like drugs — if you could get them at all. The cost of pre-approval for supplements would be so prohibitive for producers that most supplements would simply disappear from the shelf. Let’s not forget that the average cost for drug pre-approval has reached $1 billion and that supplements, unlike drugs, have no patent protection.

Please oppose the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act!

Schiff Digestive Advantage Probiotic Formula : Review

I’m not one of those people who can just eat whatever I want and everything goes “smoothly” with my digestion and elimination process. No…not by a long stretch of the imagination.

I always need help for my finicky system to keep things moving, reduce the amount of gas and discomfort that I tend to get even from some healthy foods, and to generally keep things operating yonder like they are supposed to so I have minimal colon health problems as I get older.

I do eat a high fiber diet on most days, and I’m very aware of the foods that set me off track when it comes to my digestive and colon health. However, that doesn’t mean that the healthy diet always works for me or that I always follow it 100% of the time.

Which is why I do like to keep some good probiotics around the house so that they can help keep me on the right track of digestive health and ease of elimination and digestion. Boy, I sound like an ad for Activia yogurt or something! But seriously, as we get older, it really is important to keep our digestion easy and smoothe, and it’s just plain more comfortable when everything is in working order.

I’ve tried a great many probiotics, some expensive and some cheap. I’ve tried them in pill form, liquid form, and of course yogurt form. I’ve found that one supplement works for me best personally, and no other one in pill form quite does the trick like it.  Most pills really don’t digest right for me, or they just don’t work the way they are supposed to.

It’s almost like they pass right through my body, having zero intended effect.  That changed when I found and tried the Schiff brand of probiotic. Schiff has a whole line of supplements. I initially tried their krill oil supplement a while ago, and I’ve also used their vitamin D supplements and they’re really great. I’ve found all their stuff to be very effective for a reasonable price.

The Shiff Digestive Advantage Probiotic formula was no exception.  I love the fact that I only have to take ONE pill in the morning and that’s it. It’s not these ridiculous directions to take three or where you have to remember to space them out or take them at certain times a day.

It’s a very simple one a day formula that you take ( I take mine in the morning, that works best for me), and it really does help. I did notice the first few times I took it I had some discomfort, but I think that’s just because the probiotics were killing off some seriously bad bacteria in my gut and this caused a sort of war in my belly that hurt.

After that, I notice an immediate benefit in ease of elmination, less gas, bloating and discomfort and a generally smoother, more effective digestive system.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is like me and has a lot of issues with digestion, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. It really is a must-have in my house now. 


Walking a Tight Rope Called Life

There is a ton of health advances in the market that offer specific treatments to benefit our overall well being. From technologically advanced options like an invasive diagnostic procedure, to non-invasive and holistic methods such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Medical Herbalism, and many more; all our options are on the table, we just have to choose what’s best and most convenient for us.

Not to sound like a broken record, but like what the forefathers of health always say, prevention is always better than the cure. However, as human beings, it’s somewhat normal to be confident in our own bodies and always feel secure about our health and wellbeing.

Young professionals have this certain perception like they’re on top of the world. They usually drive sleek Dodge SUVs; have the best paying jobs, and are regular patrons at {Gold’s Gym}. But one often overlooked facet of their lives involves health.

Some of them think that by habitually going to the gym, they’re already putting on that much needed armour of protection – and a lot of them are actually wrong. By having a safety net that will catch us every time we fall, we automatically provide ourselves, and our families, a stable and bright future for years to come.

According to, “we’ve used our expertise to create policies that give you choices about the cover you’d like, as well as providing prompt access to high quality diagnosis, dedicated support, and private medical treatment.”

Basically, health care providers help us understand our health and wellbeing; and provide us with little things that make a huge difference.
On the other hand, taking advantage of some of Mother Nature’s most precious gifts can also do wonders to our health.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve discovered about the endless benefits of juicing organic vegetables. When a recent health scare prompted me to change my diet and lifestyle, I stumbled upon organic vegetables in a local market.

Here, I began investing in a powerful Omega juicer, and allocated a portion of my weekly budget buying organic sugar beets, yacon, celery, and carrots. Realistically speaking, it isn’t the most attractive and delicious drink to say the least, but the long term benefits did something magical to my overall health.

The fear subsided, and I began feeling like a million dollars. Today, as I walk the tight rope of life, I can now confidently enjoy the world’s sights and sounds from a different perspective.