October 2005
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What are Cox-2 Inhibitors Pharmaceutical Drugs?

Cox-2 Inhibitors – What are They, and are There Any Safer Alternatives that are Natural and Have No Side Effects?

Cox-2 Inhibitors are in the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory family (NSAID). They are a drug that specifically targets and inhibits that production of Cox-2 enzyme, which is very actively involved in the inflammation that many times [...]

Managing Pain Naturally

A Note About Managing Pain and Living a Healthy, Pain Free Life

Managing chronic pain has become and integral part of today’s older generation, who succumb to ailments such as the aches and pains associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis, nerve damage, and general muscle soreness associated with the aging of bodily tissue, ligaments and [...]

Alternative Medicine : A Definition

What is “alternative medicine”, and why should we, or why are we, interested in its sometimes unexplained effectiveness? Well, there are a few “dictionary definitions” of what alternative medicine is, but here is the one I think fits best with the ultimate goal and mission of alternative medicine :

Alternative medicine is any variety [...]

Herbal Pain Relief?

Several very high profile pain medications which happen to be in the same “family” of pain relievers called nonsteroidal anti inflammatories were actually removed from the market, with the FDA citing serious health hazards, and even some resulting deaths that were linked to the pain medicines.

The most recent and notable high profile removal [...]