By Natural Advocate | November 5, 2005 - 8:26 am - Posted in Natural Pain Relief

For those of you with desk jobs, it is really important to get up and stretch those back muscles several times throughout the day to battle muscle fatigue, cramping and stiffness form sitting in one position too long.

Desk jobs can be a killer type of job on your back, although it may be counterintuitive, sitting all day rather than being active can actually be worse for your back than lifting, since you are basically compressing all of your vertebrae together all day and you become stiff from lack of movement quickly.

People are not meant to be sedentary creatures, and this is why so many health problems occur in people who lead sedentary (don’t move a lot) lives, because many health issues stem form sitting all day, including lack of circulation, high blood pressure and obesity. And add back pain to that list also, although I digressed a bit on our original thought.

Stretching either at your desk or intermittently throughout the day sneaking away to the restroom or whatever else you can do to stretch your back muscles is very important to relieving pain naturally and not needing prescription or OTC medications to relieve the pain. There are also some good herbal pain killers, but that’s for another post!

The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety has put together an excellent stretch guide to prevent back pain here

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