By Natural Advocate | January 29, 2006 - 9:24 pm - Posted in Medical News

I read an interesting article on 4 new Vioxx pain reliever trials about to come into the public forum. These trials are for former clients of this FDA pulled pain killing drug, who claim that their various health woes, from heart problems, to the death of a loved one, are directly related to the victim taking Vioxx. There are currently 11 cases slated to begin in the next five months alone, against the powerful drug company Merck & Co.

According to Yahoo News, “More than 9,200 lawsuits involving 18,250 plaintiff groups have been filed against Merck, which pulled Vioxx off the market in September 2004. Merck took the action because of a study that showed the drug was associated with increased risk of heart attacks and strokes after 18 months of use. So far Merck’s courtroom record is mixed — one win, one loss and one hung jury, all in cases involving relatively short-term use of the pain drug.”

“Merck has ruled out the possibility of a mass settlement, at least in public, noting that the studies do not show increased risk until 18 months of use and many plaintiffs had other risk factors for cardiac problems. Even if the company changes its mind later on, its early aggressive strategy could help discourage marginal suits, and a winning streak could persuade other plaintiffs to settle for less.”

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Interesting link to the Maryland College of Chemical & Life Sciences

This cool college sums up its benefits and “draw” to student interested in furthering their education in organic chemistry and life sciences by saying “This is a time of great opportunity for the College. The explosion of new knowledge across the life sciences has created opportunities to address questions across the biological spectrum that were totally inaccessible a decade ago.

Here is a link to this fascinating school:
Maryland College of Chemical and Life Sciences

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Welcome everyone to the Herbal Therapeutics Blog.

On this blog, we will discuss anything and everything herbal and natural which heals, cures, aids, and nourishes the human body and acts as an alternative therapy for modern man made medicines which can build up and become toxic in our systems.

Some of the items we’ll discuss at the Herbal Therapeutics Blog:
Herbal Cures and Remedies for IBS
Herbal Cures and Remedies for hemorrhoids
Naturally treating and curing rosacea
Natural Healing and Reversing of Aging Skin through Herbal Products
Herbal Male Enhancement Products
Female Sexual Enhancement
Natural Breast Ehancement
Herbal Diet Aids
Herbal Detox
Herbal Liver Cleansing
Natural Lung Cleansing
Mood Enhancers
Hoodia Diet Pills
Herbal Viagra Alternatives
Herbal Energy Supplements
Natural Vitamin Supplements
Natural Mineral Supplements
Natural Probiotics and Enzymes
Natural Cold and Flu Remedies
Natural Asthma and Breathing Remedies
And much much more
As you can see, the world of herbal medicine just gets bigger and bigger every day, so there’s lots of material to cover. We won’t be short on that!
Until the first “official post” I’ll see you next time.

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