By Natural Advocate | February 28, 2006 - 6:11 am - Posted in Herbal Supplements

I found the phrase advertised on one of most treasured natural supplements that read “Non GMO” a few months ago, and didn’t know exactly what that meant, so I did a little digging. Non GMO means Non Genetically Modified Organism supplements.

This actually means that the ingredients that make up the supplement – whether they are herbs, roots, botanicals or other parts of a special plant are not genetically tampered with in any way. It’s a supplement’s equivalent to a food that is organic basically.

Genetically modifying foods and herbs is actually a much cheaper way for farmers to farm their crops, since when the crops are genetically modified, their genetic makeup is modified so that many of the inherent weaknesses in other common plants and herbs are not readily evident in them, and for lack of a better word, these crops are much “sturdier” than others that have not been modified.

An example of this can be seen many times in the organic section of your grocers. Look at the organic counterparts to your fruits and vegetables, and you will usually notice the organic fruits and veggies are not as large as the GMO fruits and veggies.

There are many groups out there lobbying against the genetic modification of foods and plant substances, that say that this is leading us to more health problems and is simply not natural. It’s also not a natural thing to put into our body. So, bottom line is, when you see the label “Non GMO” it’s a GOOD THING!

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