September 2006
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Chocolate a Natural Medicine?

This is some possibly great news for my fellow chocoholics. I found an interesting article the other day about the possible medicinal and blood pressure lowering properties found in compounds in chocolate. Before you rejoice, here’s the scoop on how chocolate can really benefit your health:

1.) They say chocolate is actually good for [...]

Studies Trying to Discredit Natural Remedies?

I came across an article, which was in the same line of thought as one of my previous posts, that there are several tests and research studies going on right now, funded by federal funds, that are showing that some alternative remedies may not do what they propose to do.

Even the study’s scientists [...]

I found this really great website and I feel compelled to share it with everyone, because I think it’s truly one of the only “altruistic” websites out there right now that offers good, solid advice and information on the influenza.

The flu affects millions of people a year, and ranges from mild [...]

Magnet Therapy for Natural Pain Relief

Magnet therapy is often scoffed at, but there are many loyal followers of magnet therapy as a means to equalize the body and mind as well as stabilize pain-contributing factors in the body magnetically, which in turn helps to relieve pain naturally.

There are actually now scores of magnetic alternative pain therapy items [...]

Health Insurance Trumps Inflation

Health insurance rates for both individuals and companies who provide group benefits to their employees has trumped inflation – in a big way! Health insurance rates have more than double the rate of inflation this year reportedly.

The 7.7% increase seems quite hefty, but really only in comparison with the inflation rate when [...]