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As promised, I said we would talk more about the bioidentical, or natural hormone replacement therapy that has recently caused a controversy and drawn new interest on the subject after noted actress Suzanne Somers wrote a book on the boon of anti aging benefits found in these chemically similar estrogens. 

It centers around the fact that Somers claims in her book that using bioidentical, or herbal (naturally derived) compounds that act as estrogens and other female balancing and replenishing hormones in the body will bring back your sexual vigor, youthful looks and mental sharpness and other things associated with youth.

This, as scientists have swept in to announce, is nothing but speculation. You can forgive an author for overstating her claims, but maybe not as openly if her claims promise positive recoveries which might never happen at a physical risk.

The positives behind the administration of bioidentical hormones aren’t completely unfounded though. It’s been clinically proven that the therapy is much less prone to mishaps such as blood clotting and hormonal related cancers. The therapy is also more catered to the individual than standard HRT practice where very little flexibility is provided in the administration of the hormones.

Is the treatment worth undergoing, despite the recent concerns? Perhaps an open mind is the best stance to have on the matter. If you’re keen on bioidentical hormone replacement, be aware that not everything you read regarding the positive effects is guaranteed to apply for you. Do your research and consult the relevant medical advisers before you waltz in to a clinic on the back of Suzanne Somers’ carefully chosen words.


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If you’ve had an ear turned to the news lately, you may have heard of the recent hormone replacement controversy regarding Suzanne Somers. The actress has received criticism from several parties over her new book, titled “Ageless: The Naked Truth about Bioidentical Hormones.”

The issue of bioidentical hormones has risen in to the public domain after contradicting reports from various doctors about the risks involved with the treatment. While Somers made it abundantly clear in her book that the therapy is a legitimate way to cut back on typical menopause symptoms, other doctors have lambasted her with claims that the treatment is unproven and more worryingly – considerably dangerous.

So what’s the truth and what’s the result of sharpened critic knives?

Bioidentical hormone treatment involves the usage of natural hormones – almost identical in molecular structure to the kind produced by the ovaries – instead of the synthetic kind that you’ll find more widely used in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

The therapy is geared towards helping women suffering from menopause side-effects. The bioidentical process attacks Progesterone Estrogen, perimenopause and post-menopause symptoms.

But where Somers has pushed the boundaries is in her claims that the administration of bioidentical hormones can fully restore a woman to her youthful years. The book states that it offers women the chance to recapture the health and sexuality that they might have experienced during the peak of their bodies’ cycles. 

More on the bioidentical hormone controversy in the next post.  I’ve found this topic of remedying menopause symptoms herbally intriguing, especially since some women have definitely claimed taking natural hormone-like products has helped them fight the usually-losing battle of age….

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Yep, that’s right. It appears pumpkins not only make a great seasonal display in the jackolanterns and fun pumpkin carvings for the Halloween season, but they also have some excellent nutritional benefits, and can be used in a variety of healthy dishes. Pumpkins offer high counts of vitamins and minerals that you actually can only get from a few other fruits or veggies.

Pumpkins are very high in a nutrient called beta carotene, which is commonly found in veggies and fruits with a lot of orane or yellow pigment in them. The fiber content in pumpkins offers a huge defense against cancers and other ailments associated with the digestive system.

Not only that, pumpkin’s texture and naturally good flavor can be used in pies, breads and soups and add an excellent nutritional boost along with a smooth, almost nutty flavor.

Pumpkins also have a high amount of potassium, which is an excellent blood pressure stabilizer, and offers support to the muscles and heart in other ways. Pumpkin is considered part vegetable, part fruit, and the seeds also are nutritious and have quite a bit of fiber in them.

One of my favorite things to do is take all the seeds out of the pumpkin, rinse them off, add some sea salt to them, and pop them in the oven until they turn a golden brown. It results in a nice, low fat snack with fiber and few calories.

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HGH, or Human Growth Hormone is what has been somewhat dubiously named the hormone which the body produces as a sort of “fountain of youth” hormone, which keeps us all young looking, with supple skin, shiny hair, a healthy sex drive and more energy.

But can you “bottle” HGH, and if you can’t, are the expensive injections that are still really only experimental even be an option for you if you’re not a multimillionaire? Read more on this is interesting topic that so many people have questions about here…. Natural HGH Supplements

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A petition filed by activists recently to the federal government, to make manufacterers take the potentially harmful chemical mercury out of the flu shots that are given to children and men and women every year, was rejected recently.

They say that because they have been put through testing and have passed as being “safe” that there is really no merit to the complaint. But the activist group does not agree with this position, and will be pursuing court action to actually make the manufacturers take this harmful substance out of flu shots – the same goes for some of the vaccinations that still have traces of the chemical in them and have been linked to autism in children.

The FDA says there is no hard evidence linking mercury to autism though and maintains its position that these various vaccination shots and medications that use mercury as a preservative and an antimicrobial are safe, and provide such minimal mercury that it is safe to put in the human body.

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