November 2006
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Men Have a Biological Clock Too?

When a person heard the phrase “the biological clock is ticking”, they always thought of it as referring to women. Due to new research, we are finding this phrase refers to men as well.

A woman’s biological clock starts ticking at age 35 and a man’s at age 40, according to Dr. Rochebrochard, a researcher on [...]

Gluten Sensitivity

With all the popularity of the low carbohydrate diet, I’ve heard and read about a lot more people finding out through testing that they are wheat or gluten sensitive. Often their symptoms were simple or vague as a complaint of feeling tired all the time.

If a person is gluten sensitive, they [...]

Anxius Natural Antidepressant

I stumbled across this newer natural antidepressant that is an alternative to the likes of anti anxiety and mood boosting medications that can be very difficult to come off of and also present a laundry list of side effects such as Effexor, Lexapro, Zoloft and countless others. 

It’s called Anxius, and it’s an all [...]

Caffeine Abuse?

A problem is surfacing in our young generation of caffeine abuse. Products ingested include caffeine pills, No Doz tablets and Red Bull often in combination with coffee.

According to Northwestern University Research, there is an emerging trend of caffeine abuse. They reached this conclusion by studying three years of cases reported to the Illinois [...]

Herbal Medicine Regulation : Good or Bad?

One possible benefit of regulating herbal products would be quality control of all herbal products. One way, as a consumer, to seek our own quality assurance would be to look for the word standardized on the label. This should ensure a consistent amount of the desired compound in each capsule. The dosage per capsule unit [...]