November 2006
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The Therapeutic Properties of Garlic

Not only is garlic a spice that adds lots of flavor to our everyday foods, but it is being highly touted for it’s other health benefits too. For anyone on a weight loss regimen, garlic can assist in making a meal spice up without adding calories.

Garlic has been shown to reduce harmful blood [...]

Valerian for Sleep

In today’s hurried society, we may find ourselves racing through our day, overscheduling events and obligations. Often our schedules run right up until bed time.Along with our over packed schedules can run stress and anxiety. And the result of course can be insomnia at bed time from feeling over wrought.

Natural approaches to battle [...]

Relaxing Effects of Kava

While reading up on herbal remedies for the common complaint of chronic stress with resulting anxiety, I kept coming across the herb kava.

The scientific name for this herb is piper methysticum. Curiously, it’s not one I’ve commonly seen in health food /herbal stores I’ve frequented.

Every excerpt read in books researched indicated kava [...]


There are many different ways to solve the riddle of operating at our peak performance and balance throughout our lives. An often overlooked way to enhance our potential is the connection of the sense of smell to the brain.

Certain pleasant fragrances can improve our ability to breathe more slowly and deeply and become [...]

Yoga : Detox, Destress

I used to be one of those people that only worked out if it involved serious, jolting cardiovascular movement, lifting heavy weights, and basically moving fast and sweating my butt off.

Then I was introduced to yoga, a practice that I knew helped a lot of people with back and muscle problems, which I [...]