December 2006
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Sage Spice and It’s Therapeutic Properties

Sage is an excellent spice for cooking.  I don’t use it very often, and was reminded at how savory the spice can be when used, especially when used with vegetables, when I went to a holiday family gathering where someone has used sage as the primary spice in a delicious greenbean dish that was [...]

Vitamins and Hair Loss : Which Ones Help?

Hair loss and balding is not only a huge and increasing problem for men with male pattern baldness, but it is also unfortunately on the rise for women. Research suggests that there are actually genetic causes for balding, but there are also hormonal imbalances at work, and sometimes even vitamin and mineral deficiencies which [...]

What’s Your New Years Health Resolution?

The New Year’s resolutions span the gummut of health improvement and self improvement, but what are some of the most common ones?  Well, quitting smoking is a big one.  Smoking cessation products take a whole new view of advertising opportunity during the new year, and there’s a reason why!  Also, weight loss is consistently [...]

Alzheimers Researcher Pleads Guilty to Conflict of Interest

A prominent Alzheimers disease researcher and doctor for the NIH, pleaded guilty recently to a conflict of interest in his researching duties and a conflict with Pfizer drug company. 

The doctor, Pearson Sunderland III, received $285,000.00 in consultant fees from the pharmaceutical giant since he gave them thousands of highly sought after tissue samples from [...]

TerraPass Credits Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth

I have yet to see Al Gore’s expose on the truth about global warming, and I know when I do see it, I’m probably going to get hopping mad like most others who’ve told me they’ve seen it. 

TerraPass, the company I told you about a few weeks ago, is a small company that [...]