By MA Greenery | December 2, 2006 - 5:19 pm - Posted in Herbal Weight Loss

For years I’ve been hearing about detox diets. Usually I’ve heard of a detox macrobiotic diet for a person who is trying it for a holistic approach to cure cancer. So out of curiosity, I got a book out of the library to see what it is all about.

The information was interesting. The detox diet is almost all raw food . This book stated that a diet rich in raw foods will rid your body of toxins, therefore leading to clearer skin, a slimmer figure and a higher energy level.

The transition from a typical diet to the detox raw food diet is to be made gradually so it will not shock your system. Foods stressed in this diet are raw fruits and vegetables, organic raw nuts and seeds, fish and organic chicken. For dairy products, this particular author suggested goat or sheep milk, preferably raw.

A question that came to my mind was -What about taste? Within this book there was a wide array of suggested recipes and they did sound tasty. Since a well balanced palate desires the taste of sweet, salty, fatty, acidic and spicy, specific foods were mentioned for each category.

For sweetness, raw honey, pure maple syrup, dates and dried fruits are suggested. For salty flavor, raw soy sauce or sea salt could be used. Raw nuts, cold pressed oils, avocados or coconuts are mentioned for fatty taste. Acidity flavor can be attained with citrus juices or vinegars. To get spicy flavor use herbs, curry, ginger or garlic.

After reading through this book, I felt a detox diet would take effort but would be doable. For an individual with a constant weight battle and a low energy level, this diet could be a viable alternative to constant calorie counting.

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