January 2007
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Yale University Going Green?

I just read in a news story the other day about how one of the biggest Ivy League colleges around, Yale University, would like to be known as the greenest college around.  What does that mean?  It usually refers to the fact that an establishment is eco-friendly, and all policies, offerings, and buildings are [...]

Naturally Relieving Pain

Is pain merely a series of electrical currents, perceived as an unpleasant force, that silently but quickly travels through our bodies in different affected areas? Well, pretty much, on a purely scientific level, this is exactly what pain is.

Inflammation and other injuries cause pressure. This pressure in turn affects the surrounding [...]

CAM’s Rarely Disclosed to Doctors

CAMs, or Complementary and Alternative Medicines, are rarely discolosed to people’s physicians if the patient is using a complementary or alternative therapy, current surveys are showing as reported by news stories.  Apparently most of the age group of fifty plus uses some form of alternative of complementary medicine, whether it be an herbal supplement, [...]

Genetically Modified Eggs to Offer “Protein Therapy”?

Yeah, when I read this one, it actually sounded a little too futuristic and scary to be true, but apparently this new little experiment is in the works.  This really is stuff straight outta science fiction, I gotta tell you, but it’s also kind of exciting…

Supposedly scientists are working on engineering hens who [...]

Mistletoe a Cancer Kicker?

I recently read an interesting article on how mistletoe has been thought to be a possible anti-cancer food to consume.  I had never heard this sort of odd theory before, but then again, there are many foods, especially green leafies and brightly colored fruits and veggies, which have been linked to having anti-cancer properties, [...]