March 2007
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A Nap a Day Keeps the Doc Away?

Usually, when you think of doing something good for your health, you think of working out on the treadmill, quitting smoking or reducing fats in your diet. One of the latest studies done and highly publicized in the newspapers shows that taking a midday nap is beneficial to your health.

In this [...]

Patches a Safer Hormone Replacement for Menopause?

News has just surfaced that hormone replacement patches used for women in menopause as a hormone replacement therapy may be much safer than previously administered hormone replacement pills which were supposed to help curb the symptoms of menopause. 

Much like the herbal remedies for menopause that are recommended, these patches actually are supposed to [...]

Whole Foods Aquires Wild Oats

One of my favorite natural and organic food markets, Wild Oats (well, second only to Trader Joes, who I think has better prices personally), is being aquired by a larger corporation, Whole Foods, so that the natural and organic grocery store, which also carries herbal and natural remedies and personal care products can better [...]

The Many Benefits of Tae Bo

Tae Bo, as part of a daily exercise routine, is a wonderful outlet for stress. With it’s series of punches and kicks, it works out almost every muscle in the body and works out aggression in a healthy manner.

For the cardiovascular system, Tae Bo is extremely beneficial. Even if the 45 minute workouts [...]

Flavanols Add Extra Benefit to Drinking Cocoa

Well, let me qualify that statement first. If you’re drinking minimially processed cocoa, where the flavanols, which typically give a bitter flavor to chocolate are usually taken out to give the chocolate a smoother, sweeter flavor. It is with the darker chocolates that are a little on the bitter side that you get more [...]