If you use herbal or natural supplements to enhance your well being or to help treat a specific health issue you have, your right to use that product freely is being jeopardized by some things that are going on right now and legislation that is being bandied about that may give the FDA the right to control and limit the distribution and approval of herbal supplements.

Tell them that you don’t agree with this.  Seriously, this is a threat to our access to some of our most beloved natural vitamins that we all have come to know and love so well. 

It is estimated that 80% or more of Americans right now take some sort of supplement or vitamin to help their health, and this pending government interference is going to jeopardize all of that.

This blows my mind, because the government arm of regulation for prescription drugs, the FDA, has failed us in so  many other ways.  Look at the failure to identify multiple life threatening drugs before they were on the market for several years? 

If you are mad like me, and want to voice your opinion, go to this URL http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/healthfreedomusa/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=7185 and voice your opinion.  We’ve beat the odds before and had this type of meddling put down before in our right to treat ourselves naturally, but apparently the medical industry is having sway again, and it’s up for discussion again.

You can make a difference.  Also, you can visit HealthFreedomUSA.org and read about all the ways the government is proposing to interfere in our right to access herbal remedies and natural supplements.  It’s quite mind blowing, and it’ll probably get you mad!

By Natural Advocate | April 28, 2007 - 9:31 am - Posted in Foods, Natural Anti Aging

You’ve probably seen supplements in your health supplement and vitamin aisle in your grocery store, and may have even seen some multivitamins that claim to help enhance memory, a trait that seems to come at a real premium in today’s hectic, busy and scattered lifestyles that leave us forgetting everything. 

What about foods that you can eat to help enhance and maybe even improve your memory?  Well, we’ve all heard the commonly held belief that consuming fish can help enhance your memory.  Is there any validity to this?

Apparently fish does help to both boost memory and even may help to decline the rate at which we lose memory as we age.  Studies suggest that people who consume fish at least once a week showed a marked difference in memory and retention, for longer periods of time than their non fish eating counterparts.

So what if you’re not a big fish eater, like myself?  Well, a compound that can help you to retain things a little better and may also help to decline the rate at which the memory part of our brain ages, or progresses in the aging process, is something called folate. 

Folate is also called folic acid (perhaps more commonly, because this is how you see it listed in most vitamins, cereals and other nutritional information on “health” foods.  You can find folate, or folic acid, in legumes, lentils, wheat germ, deeply colored veggies and some citrus fruits like oranges.  Folate supposely helps us to recall more, and at a faster rate.

Other than consuming plenty o’ beans and veggies, and also some whole grains, the other things you can do to improve and help enhance your memory are to get regular exercise, which stimulates healthy blood flow to the brain and keeps it active. 

Not only does physical exercise help keep the mind active and healthy, but mental stimulation helps as well.  Be careful not to let your mind “atrophy” by not mentally challenging yourself on a regular basis, just as our physical muscles get lazy and atrophy, so can our brain without regular use and new challenges. 

Adequate sleep is also an important component of a sharp memory.  Sleep deprivation has been shown to substantially lower memory and retention. 


By Natural Advocate | April 27, 2007 - 8:54 pm - Posted in Foods, Vitamins & Minerals

When you’re sipping on the Screwdriver, or drinking that Mojito with all that fresh lime juice, I bet the last thing on your mind is how good it must be for you to be imbibing natural vitamins, minerals, acids and micronutrients, right?  Well, maybe I’m speaking for myself a bit too much on this one, but most people really sip on cocktails for the alcohol and the socialization aspect of a few drinks in the evening or for special occasions, or just to relax a little.

I was shocked to read that ethanol, an alcoholic component found in many hard liquors, actually helps to boost antioxidant’s beneficial effects, so that even adds to the potential potency of your cocktail.  You just want to be careful here, and not over do it, as drinking too much has damaging effects on the liver, and can actully decrease your life span if you indulge too much.  Not to mention, who wants to go through life in a drunken haze?

The interesting part is, the reason scientists/ experimenters found out about alcohol’s potential to increase anitoxidant activity is they were looking for a preservative to help naturally preserve berries and fruits, and found in the process that one of their test subjects to get the job done, ethanol, actually increased the activity in antioxidants and prolonged the lifespan of these active little buggers that you find in your brightly colored fruits that are commonly found in today’s fruity “foo foo” drinks.

Bring on the margaritas and strawberry daquiries! 

By Natural Advocate | April 26, 2007 - 6:54 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

Medical experts for Asian countries are predicting that cancer rates will dramatically rise through the year 2007 if nothing is done to change the course of lifestyle habits over the next few years that are leading to deteriorating health and higher cancer rates throughout the Asian countries. 

Some of the lifestyle changes that are making things go from bad to worse for Asian people when it comes to cancer are things like an increase in smoking, a change in diet which includes more meats and even cheeses instead of the predominantly veggie and rice of yesteryear, and other lifestyle and environment changes, which may include an increase in pollution and industrialization (this is my guess).

Since many of the Asian countries that will be impacted by this increase in cancer rates are poor, and cannot afford the proper healthcare necessary for treating cancer, this could wreck havoc on the nations healthcare system and bog them down with cancer cases, making many of them untreatable and possibly refusing people treatment if they can’t afford the high prices involved with traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation (which I personally don’t support or agree with, but these are the traditional treatments offered by medicine today).

Hopefully they can make the lifestyle changes necessary to fend off the onslaught of increasing cancer rates as experts are predicting, but if history tells us anything, most humans do not learn quickly from dietary and health mistakes, and it usually is rectified only after it is too  late.  Hopefully Asia will be different. 

By Natural Advocate | April 25, 2007 - 10:28 am - Posted in Natural and Herbal Treatments

If you’re like me at all, you have occasional issues with digestion and also need a little extra help in the area of colon cleansing and keeping everything moving along smoothly, especially if you consume a lot of meat and/or dairy products, which notoriously tend to clog the system up, especially red meat. 

Colon cleansing is actually almost a necessity periodically if you do not consume a diet with a lot of fiber and naturally loosening foods like fruits and vegetables which contain nutrients that you cannot find any fiber supplement. 

Green vegetables contain microbacterium that help to keep the balance of the flora in your intestines and colon, and some fruits even do too, so if you’re not eating adequate amounts of these types of foods, you’re sorely missing out on a lot of healthy nutrition for your colon to keep operating as it should, and are essentially choking it, which leads to several disorders of the colon. 

Herbal colon cleansing periodically helps not only to restore this flora to a healthy level, but also helps make you regular again, eliminating uncomfortable distention in the belly, and also eliminating uncomfortable bloating and gas, something we’ve all had at one time or another and would give anything to get rid of. 

The colon cleansing system I like contains all the necessary components, one that actually cleans the colon and gets old, stuck on fecal matter off the colon and intestine walls, and also contains a separate supplement to rebuild the necessary flora to maintain a healthy colon and keep gas caused by unfriendly bacteria and fecal buildup at bay.  Here is the link to more info on this system : Herbal Colon Cleansing System Bowtrol 



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