April 2007
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Our Right to Herbally and Naturally Treat Ourselves Is In Jeopardy!!!!

If you use herbal or natural supplements to enhance your well being or to help treat a specific health issue you have, your right to use that product freely is being jeopardized by some things that are going on right now and legislation that is being bandied about that may give the FDA the [...]

Foods and Nutrients to Enhance Memory, Slow Memory “Aging”

You’ve probably seen supplements in your health supplement and vitamin aisle in your grocery store, and may have even seen some multivitamins that claim to help enhance memory, a trait that seems to come at a real premium in today’s hectic, busy and scattered lifestyles that leave us forgetting everything. 

What about foods that [...]

Fruity Drinks a Healthy Cocktail of Vitamins?

When you’re sipping on the Screwdriver, or drinking that Mojito with all that fresh lime juice, I bet the last thing on your mind is how good it must be for you to be imbibing natural vitamins, minerals, acids and micronutrients, right?  Well, maybe I’m speaking for myself a bit too much on this [...]

Asia to Suffer Increasing Cancer Rates

Medical experts for Asian countries are predicting that cancer rates will dramatically rise through the year 2007 if nothing is done to change the course of lifestyle habits over the next few years that are leading to deteriorating health and higher cancer rates throughout the Asian countries. 

Some of the lifestyle changes that are [...]

Are You Ready for an Herbal Colon Cleansing?

If you’re like me at all, you have occasional issues with digestion and also need a little extra help in the area of colon cleansing and keeping everything moving along smoothly, especially if you consume a lot of meat and/or dairy products, which notoriously tend to clog the system up, especially red meat. 

Colon [...]