By Natural Advocate | May 17, 2007 - 1:12 pm - Posted in Natural Pain Relief

OcxContin, perhaps one of the most addictive pain relief medications on the market ever, has been accused of misleading the public about the product’s potentially highly addictive properties.  A federal prosecutor has said that the makers of the potent painkiller admitted to having misled the public about the addiction risk of the medicine after being taken to court over the allegations.

OxyContin has earned its reputation for addictiveness after high profile radio show host Rush Limbaugh admitted he was addicted, and was charged with illegally obtaining the prescription drug to feed his habit.  The scariest part about OxyContin is that it has very little chemical differences from the street drug heroine, and yet it is actually legal to prescribe this drug. 

Also, although the drug is clearly designed to be taken whole with fluid, if it is crushed and then swallowed, it is known to result in a high that is just like a heroine high, adding to its dangerous allure. 

Not only did the makers admit to misleading the public, they also admitted encouragement techniques to get doctors to overprescribe the dangerous med for pain, even when such a strong pain reliever was not needed. 

The most upsetting part is the intention of Purdue, the maker of OxyContin, when it was revealed in this case that Purdue, which is not a publicly held company, held focus groups of physicians and was made aware by these physicians of their concern that the drug could be highly addictive. 

Purdue, it is said, then gave these physicians data that was false and stated or insinuated that OxyContin was actually less addictive than its competitors in the pain relief market, a statement that has been found to be completely untrue.  Just another reason to try to go natural for pain relief and try an herbal pain killer, these pain killers they prescribe are highly addictive, I’ve even experienced the feeling of addiction myself, when I went on Hydrocodone, which is more well known as Vicodin, for oral surgery.  

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