By Natural Advocate | May 22, 2007 - 7:55 pm - Posted in Foods

Many studies were showing that drinking in moderation was good for a person’s health.  Most of these studies claimed that moderate drinking actually helped to keep your heart and arteries in good condition.  Also, alcohol was noted to be beneficial in decreasing tension.
 Now, even newer research is focusing on another area as it relates to alcohol use, our brains. The very latest findings show that alcohol use, even in moderation, cumulatively over time, causes brain shrinkage.  While drinking moderately may benefit our heart, it is detrimental to the brain.  In the Framingham study, 1,839 people had MRI brain scans to determine the effects of their drinking habits on the brain.  The participants in the study ranged in age from 34 to 88.
 The findings showed that the heavy drinkers had signifigantly more brain atrophy than the moderate to light drinkers.  Only the participants in the study that were abstainers had no alcohol related brain shrinkage.  The effect of alcohol on the brain was more pronounced in the women than the men.
 Next time it’s cocktail hour or you have that evening glass of wine or two, consider the brain drain and think if it’s worth it.  For anyone abusing alcohol, especially women who are more vulnerable to adverse effects, the proven brain atrophy is one more sound reason to seek help for breaking the addiction.

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