By Natural Advocate | June 30, 2007 - 10:45 am - Posted in Medical News

Most people with thinning hair and problems with baldness are open to trying new innovative approaches to solving their dilemma. A unique treatment option for thinning hair for everything from male pattern baldness to hypothyroidism and hair loss is the use of laser combs or laser treatments for the thinning hair problem.

Of the laser comb option, the specific one I looked at was the product called the Hair Max Laser Comb. This particular comb has FDA approval for use. The manner in which it works is through low level laser beams.

The laser comb’s effectiveness is obtained through stimulating the scalp to assist in new hair growth. Circulation to the scalp is promoted be the laser beam action. At four locations in the U.S. clinical studies were conducted. The studies lasted six months and participants who used the Hair Max Laser Comb showed increased numbers of hairs at the rate of 19 hairs per square centimeter.

The cost of the Hair Max Laser Comb, depending on which model you choose, is $395.00 or $545.00.

Laser hair therapy may also be done with laser treatments in a clinic setting. The laser light works by stimulating cell metabolism and helps to repair damaged cells. Laser hair therapy is FDA approved as safe and effective. It has been medically tested.

It is suggested that the laser hair therapy be used in conjunction with other scalp and hair products such as Minoxidil and a DHT blocker.

Laser hair loss therapy sounds like a very promising treatment for anyone faced with a thinning hair or baldness problem. One of the best features of this method of baldness treatments is that it is approved as safe and effective.

By Natural Advocate | June 27, 2007 - 12:35 pm - Posted in Natural Anti Aging

  When I heard about human growth hormone being looked at for anti- aging abilities, it piqued my curiosity to research and learn more about the theory behind this use of HGH. Since I’m a ” baby boomer” in my middle fifties and of short stature, it interested me even more.  I figure I never had a full dose of HGH, even in my youth.
 The premise of usage of HGH for anti-aging is that this hormone is plentiful in our youth and depletes itself in our system as we age.  At about age 40, the amount of HGH in our system begins to decline.  Proponents of natural HGH replacement therapy state that this therapy changes body composition by reducing fat mass and increasing lean body mass. 

 In studies of adults with HGH deficiency, with the use of HGH replacement supplements, areas of improvement noted were fluid balance,quality REM sleep patterns were restored, skin was rejuvenated and mental acuity increased.  HGH was said to have a positive effect on the state of connective tissue and bone density as we age. Exercise capacity was increased with the HGH therapy and cardiac function improved. 

 Research is continuing on the subject of HGH therapy and it’s anti-aging effects.  There are side effects to consider with HGH replacement. Side effects can include hypertension, fluid retention, headaches, muscle pain and swelling.
 The possibilities for the use of HGH as a possible reversal of the declines we see with aging are interesting.  I would like to follow results of further studies, research and applications published. Is it meant for adults to fend off aging or is it meant just for the individual with a human growth hormone deficiency?  More research on dosage and safety of long term use would be desirable.
 The more I read, the more it raised the question of what the effects of HGH therapy were on healthy adults that don’t have HGH deficiency.

By Natural Advocate | June 24, 2007 - 9:37 pm - Posted in Natural and Herbal Treatments

There are a multitude of products on the market to combat hair loss in women.  Some of the natural remedies for hair loss like Provillus are herbal and some are oils applied externally.  One remedy is the use of jojoba oil applied to the scalp.  This oil is used to control dandruff and eczema of the scalp and it has wonderful moisturizing properties.
Aloe vera is another natural product to apply to the scalp to heal and restore a balance of the pH level.  As a shampoo, aloe vera gel may be combined with coconut milk and wheat  germ oil.
 Henna, an Indian herb, not only renews the shine of your hair, but also acts to repair the hair shaft and protects your hair from breaking and conditions it.  Nutritionally, certain foods and herbs promote the health of your hair helping to minimize hair loss problems.  Zinc in your diet helps to maintain the health of your thyroid, often a factor in hair loss.  Evening primrose and flaxseed oil are known to promote healthy hair follicles. Biotin intake is associated with the health of your scalp as it helps reduce flaking.
 Seek the help of a nutritionist if you feel inadequate nutrition may be at fault for hair loss.  Fish, poultry, nuts and eggs are excellent protein sources.  Make sure that you have plenty of quality protein nutritionally everyday to keep your skin and hair healthy.  Fish has abundant B12, which is essential for oil balance of the skin and scalp.
Keep a regular schedule of sleeping patterns and eating patterns.  Regular, adequate amounts of sleep, directly keeps stress levels minimized.  A sleep deprived person is a stressed person.  Stress increases hair loss.
 Avoid using too many chemical products on your hair.  Treat your hair and scalp well and avoid chemicals if hair loss is a problem.  Avoid hair care products with alcohol as they can irritate and overly dry the hair.
 Check with your doctor if you are on medication. See if hair loss could be a side effect of medication you’re taking.  Seek advice accordingly.  Medically, hormonal imbalances or changes can trigger hair loss.  Diseases of the thyroid can also be the cause of fast hair loss and thinning. Consult with your physician if these causes are suspected.

By Natural Advocate | June 21, 2007 - 4:24 pm - Posted in Natural Depression & Anxiety Relief

Well, we all knew that stress, anxiety and depression don’t bode well for our lives in general, but there may be yet another reason to keep depression and anxiety away naturally.  New evidence is showing a strong correlation between early memory loss similar too and including alzheimers in people who tend to get much more anxious, stressed out and depressed more easily.  All the  more reason to make sure we eat right, exercise and try to maintain a peaceful, harmonious lifestyle that agrees with our hearts, souls and minds. 

How significant is the actual risk of these types of individuals losing memory? Well, they are up to 40% more likely to start losing their ability to think critically as well as to start to exhibit signs of alzheimers much younger than their more tranquil, less depression-prone counterparts.  I’ve actually seen this theory at work in my experiences with others, and I believe this theory 110%.

Scientists are so convinced by these latest solid findings that they are confident enough to say this offers the first solid proof that chronic stress, anxiety and depression actually compound and lead to alzheimers, even early-onset alzheimers.  The key to staying calm, upbeat and stress-free? 

Try practicing yoga, tai chi, and other profoundly relaxing yet invigorating exercises that get you in touch with your breath and your thoughts.  Believe it or not, breathing exercises and techniques to help slow breathing down are one of the best stress coping mechanisms we as humans have at our disposal, and it would be wise to take full advantage.  Are their herbal remedies for depression and anxiety?  Of course there are, but the key to living in harmony with one’s self is not only in supplementation, but also within the lifestyle that one chooses to live and the choices they make in their lives that affect not only themselves but others. 

As they say, do unto others as you’d have done to you.  Karma, synchronicity and all that “mumbo jumbo” as some would call it really does have a theory behind it, and living your life according to these credos will help anyone get through life more easily and at peace with themselves and the world around them.  


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I know we’ve been talking a lot about both male and female hair loss and natural hair loss treatments such as Provillus to help regrow hair as well as to strengthen the existing bonds of the hairs you have on your head, but I didn’t realize what a huge problem not only male, but female, hair loss had become, and it made me start to explore the topic a little more with much interest.  We will talk about natural hair loss remedies a little more today.

Hair loss is distressing for either men or women.  It’s upsetting to our confidence and self esteem to notice a receding line growing on our forehead or on the crown of our head each time we check our appearance in the mirror.  There are natural supplements and products on the market to treat hair loss.  One of the products that is natural to slow the process of hair loss is extremely simple. 

There are shampoos designed to strengthen the hair from the root.  These shampoos contain Keratin, a protein.  Look for shampoos with Keratin that also moisturize the scalp keeping flaking at a minimum.  A flaking and dry scalp is another factor in accelerated hair loss.  Stress is a major cause of hair loss in both men and women.  Try to keep stress levels under control and find relaxation techniques that work for you to cope with some of the unavoidable stress that occurs in everyday life.
 Another natural remedy for slowing problems with hair loss is to pay special attention to your diet. Make sure to get a healthy balanced diet daily for your general well being and the condition of your hair and scalp will benefit too.  Take a multivitamin daily.  Vitamin A and vitamin E are essential to healthy hair and scalp maintenance.  Ensure you have adequate iron as a low level of iron will cause anemia which will adversely effect hair growth and regrowth

 Another natural method to decrease hair loss and encourage new hair growth is the use of essential oils into the scalp. Massaging essential oils to the scalp increases circulation and improves the condition of the scalp.  Essential oils used for this purpose are eucalyptus, rosemary, rosewood, cypress and geranium, just to name a few. 
Massaging the head and scalp helps to decrease stress by alleviating tension.  By using the aromatic essential oils, you’ll be decreasing your stress levels with aromatherapy at the same time as increasing circulation.
 If hair loss is a problem for you, there are volumes written on treatments to use. It’s worth investigating to see what helps you to get thicker, healthier hair.

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