June 2007
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Laser Therapy for Thinning Hair

Most people with thinning hair and problems with baldness are open to trying new innovative approaches to solving their dilemma. A unique treatment option for thinning hair for everything from male pattern baldness to hypothyroidism and hair loss is the use of laser combs or laser treatments for the thinning hair problem.

HGH Therapy for Anti Aging

  When I heard about human growth hormone being looked at for anti- aging abilities, it piqued my curiosity to research and learn more about the theory behind this use of HGH. Since I’m a ” baby boomer” in my middle fifties and of short stature, it interested me even more.  I figure I [...]

Hair Loss Treatments for Women

There are a multitude of products on the market to combat hair loss in women.  Some of the natural remedies for hair loss like Provillus are herbal and some are oils applied externally.  One remedy is the use of jojoba oil applied to the scalp.  This oil is used to control dandruff and eczema of the [...]

Depression, Anxiety Lead to Early Memory Loss

Well, we all knew that stress, anxiety and depression don’t bode well for our lives in general, but there may be yet another reason to keep depression and anxiety away naturally.  New evidence is showing a strong correlation between early memory loss similar too and including alzheimers in people who tend to get much [...]

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

I know we’ve been talking a lot about both male and female hair loss and natural hair loss treatments such as Provillus to help regrow hair as well as to strengthen the existing bonds of the hairs you have on your head, but I didn’t realize what a huge problem not only male, but [...]