By Natural Advocate | June 15, 2007 - 9:57 am - Posted in Natural and Herbal Treatments

A receding hairline is embarassing for either gender, men or women.  Alopecia, or hair loss, is particularly damaging to the self esteem of women.  Us women think of our hair as our crowning glory.  Hair loss, although more common in men, is also a problem for women.
 What are some of the causative factors for hair loss in women?  Hormonal imbalances and changes can trigger accelerated hair loss for women.  Often, there is a postpartum hair loss that is distressing to new mothers.  Sometimes, it is a temporary condition and the hair loss will subside once a hormonal balance is restored.
 Stress is another reason for rapid hair loss.  Normally, there is some hair turnover, but in times of extreme stress, most people notice an increase in this process.  Stress is unavoidable in today’s world, especially since women are commonly in the workforce and are often juggling the responsibilities of motherhood and a career.  Stress management and coping mechanismss ore  paramount today for your general health. 

The health of your hair and scalp are effected by this too.  Another factor for women and the hair loss issue is the hair products we use chemically to dye, bleach, curl or straighten our hair.  All of this processing of our hair can cause our hair to weaken and break off, causing hair loss and damage to worsen.  Inadequate nutrition may be a contributing cause to hair loss in women.  Provillus is one of the best combination natural hair loss therapies there is, and now comes with a topical solution in addition to an excellent natural hair growth accelerating supplement.

Some women are perpetually on a diet and they don’t take in nutritionally what their body needs per day in protein, iron, vitamins and minerals.  This will, over time, take a  toll on the health of your hair and scalp.  Women who suffer from anorexia or bulimia will often have an increased problem with hair loss.  When they successfully receive treatment for these disorders and resume healthy eating patterns, the health of their hair and scalp will usually be renewed.
 If hair loss is a problem for you and you are female, think about some of the causes and which ones may apply to your situation.  Then, you’ll be on the right track to solving your dilemna.  Seek counseling and the help of your physician, as applicable, so you’ll have the best chance of resolving your hair loss issue.

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