September 2007
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Prevention is the Best Medicine

We here at Herbal News Magazine know that prevention is worth so much more than treating an ailment that has usually happened because of some other function in our life like eating, exercise, depression, mood, and other environmental factors.  Sure, genetics may dictate whether we get certain ailments, genetic frailties, or diseases, but just [...]

Popcorn Hazardous to Health?

One of my favorite snacks to keep around the house is some microwave popcorn with the theater butter added.   I love opening my cupboards and smelling the buttery aroma even when it’s still in storage and uncooked.  To most of us, we think of popcorn as one of the more wholesome snack foods that [...]

Pregnant Smokers Prone to Depression?

This was an interesting study that I read about that really wasn’t about how depression affected significantly more pregnant women than non-pregnant, but rather a link between the reason why a (too) high percentage of women smoke when pregnant, despite knowing about the health risks they are putting on their fetus and on themselves. 


Home Remedies for Joint Discomfort

The most important issue in managing arthritis is preventing the pain associated with this disease and using herbal medicine for joint pain rather than adding tons of chemicals to the body and potentially complicating your health even more.  In addition to medication, either over the counter or prescription drugs, there are a variety of [...]

Smooth Move Tea for Constipation Relief

Once in a while, we all get constipated.  One of the worst things you can do is go buy one of those over the counter laxatives.  Most laxatives in pill or chocolate form contain tons of harsh chemical stimulants that really have no place in the digestive system.  Not only that, they can cause [...]