October 2007
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Women, Iron and Anemia

A common occurrence, especially in women, is a shortage of adequate iron with anemia resulting.  Anemia is a disorder of the blood from a shortage of hemoglobin in the red blood cells.  Since the red blood cells carry oxygen to the body, the symptoms of anemia are weakness and shortness of breath.  In some [...]

Magnet Therapy for Depression

Stress and depression often coexist together.  Stress is inevitable and unavoidable in today’s society but stress that is unrelenting for a long period of time can lead to depression.  When an individual is depressed, it’s more difficult to utilize coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. The incidence of depression is probably higher than reported [...]

Ginseng for Increased Energy

Ginseng has long been used in Asia as an energy booster.  Ginseng is an adrenal tonic and it is useful for people who are tired and are faced with complex tasks.  Ginseng can enhance performance and combat stress and fatigue.  Physiologically, the mode in which ginseng works is by stimulating the pituitary gland to [...]

Skin Salves Made with Bloodroot

I was reading some extremely interesting material about something I previously had no knowledge of called bloodroot paste.  What is bloodroot exactly?  Well, bloodroot is actually a medicinal herb that is a perennial that has been used for many many years as a treatment for skin lesions and skin cancer as a natural alternative [...]

Good Posture Equals Good Health?

The manner in which you align your body, commonly called your posture, can affect your health in many ways.  If you have good posture, it will give you a more attractive appearance and boost your confidence and attitude.

 A proper posture can also increase your strength and stamina, reduce your risks of injury [...]