By Natural Advocate | December 8, 2007 - 9:10 am - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

Many people don’t know that modern western medicine has its basis in nature. That is, before they start drastically chemically altering it. Think about it – popular antibiotics today had their original basis in mold, although most people have become immune to the basic antibiotics of yesteryear and now have to resort to much stronger antibiotics like the infamous Zpac.

Even the popular but controversial acne drug Accutane has its basis in nature, as it is a derivative of Vitamin A, even though admittedly a very “perverted” form and potent form of the vitamin.

Now, it seems there may be a new cystic fibrosis drug on the horizon that has its origins in sea algae. There have been many touted health benefits of algae, including blue and green types of algae, but this may be the first time (at least that I’ve heard of) the the tiny sea organisms will be used in a major medicine for a serious illness.

The idea of using algae is that the organism, which has many different forms, produces a type of natural antitoxin that is currently being manipulated by scientists and wittled down to the production of the beneficial and therapeutic molecule in just a matter of a few weeks now, which may be used as a possible treatment for cystic fibrosis.

The tiny organism that is wittled out of the algae has been found to be incredibly restorative to lung tissue, and cystic fibrosis is a disorder where the victim’s lungs and digestive tract are constantly lined with a thick mucus layer.

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