By Natural Advocate | January 13, 2008 - 5:36 pm - Posted in Nutritional Supplements

Well, there’s a new product for the new year that we’ve been meaning to get a review up for, and it’s actually one that helps the body to regulate it’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels safely and naturally.  Yep, that’s right, hopefully this stuff can prevent you from ever having to go on those pesky and oftentimes hard to wean blood pressure and choleserol medications!

It is called Hypercet, and we’ve reviewed how the product works with the body’s natural defenses and rhythms in maintaining a healthy level of the “healthy” type of cholesterol while keeping bad cholestrol down.  The Hypercet review includes product information like ingredients and what they are supposed to help the body do, and in tandem with it’s other product which is designed to regulate cholesterol. 

So, start the new year off right, and if you have been concerned about your blood pressure or cholesterol because of health issues or perhaps a hereditary likelihood of getting either one, then these Hypercet blood pressure and cholesterol supplements may be right for you as an addition to your (hopefully) healthy lifestyle! 

By Natural Advocate | - 4:23 am - Posted in Smoking Cessation

Apparently there is an anti smoking ad campaign that has come under a bit of fire lately – albeit friendly fire, for it’s star’s smoking status.  He’s a guy named Skip Legault, and he is picture in the commercial on crutches, because he has had one leg amputed.  He has also suffered 2 heart attacks – between the young ages of 28 and 29 years old, and also has had a stroke. 

In the anti smoking ad, Skip proclaims his health problems, and says that every bit of them is from his smoking habit.  It doesn’t really tell us whether he’s quit or not, and he hasn’t actually quit.  I think for one, that this smoking cessation ad is pretty cool, because while it doesn’t show the fairy tale ending of someone severely affected by smoking quitting, it does show the harsh reality of nicotine’s addiction and the addiction of the habit itself in the health problems this man has suffered.

Skip is a hard core smoker who cut down from several pack a day to about a half a pack a day – still no small amount, even after his heart attacks, stroke and leg amputation.  Actually it is very sad to see that this man has had all these health problems directly associated to smoking and still doesn’t have the power to quit. 

Quitting smoking is vital to anyone who wants to live a healthy life and a long one at that.  While I’ll admit that I’m a former smoker and the urge does still hit me once in a while today, more than five years after quitting smoking, I will also say that quitting smoking was the best thing I ever did for my health, and I wished I had never started after I quit when I thought of all the damage I did to my lungs, my body and my skin. 

It’s quite frightening how bad smoking is for us, and how prevalent the habit still is today even after all this education has been put out there, but we’re doing the best we can at educating people.  One of the best ways to quit smoking is hypnosis, so it is well worth your while to check out this powerful method of smoking cessation. 

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