By Natural Advocate | January 18, 2008 - 10:41 pm - Posted in Natural Depression & Anxiety Relief

I receive a monthly newsletter from a holistic club and the most recent one I received contained some questions and answers, answered by Dr. Ed Bauman, who is a leader in holistic health and the nutritional, whole food approach to treating illnesses, including mental illnesses like depression.  He had some interesting things to say about how depression is “conventionally” treated here in the US using modern western medicine.  In translation, that means lots of antidepressants that can make things worse or have terrible side effects.

Dr. Bauman said he believes that about 90% of all depression, unless it is “organic” (meaning it is a chemical disturbance that has been with a person since they were born), is nutritionally related, or at least aggravated by someone’s intake of nutrients, or lack thereof.  He says that many times people lack certain chemicals in the body which lead to all kinds of imbalances in the chemicals in the brain and body that keep depression and anxiety reduced naturally

By not getting the correct nutrients in our body which ultimately are converted into these mood stabilizing chemicals in our body, then we do tend to feel depressed, or anxious or nervous when we are experiencing an imbalance.  Further more, and this is me talking, I believe that blood sugar has everything to do with depression as well. 

I think that a lot of people who have problems with depression probably are going to be seen having a high sugar diet, or one that is not rich in omega 3 fatty acids like the ones found in lean fishes and certain vegetables and even some fruits.  Sugar in the diet is basically a recipe for disaster when it comes to depression, because it leads to dramatic rises and falls of the blood sugar, all of which directly affect mood. 

This yo-yo effect can have disastrous results not only on one’s mood and ability to focus and think clearly, but also on their skin’s appearance, their likelihood of getting cancer and other inflammatory diseases, and many many other things, too numerous or as yet undiscovered to mention here. 

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