February 2008
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Fiber’s Importance in the Diet

Fiber has always been known to be an important factor in the human diet.  A diet that is not rich in dietary fiber, which unfortunately the American diet many times is not, open people up to a number of health problems, all originating in the colon. 

First of all, dietary fiber, which is found [...]

Yogi Peach Detox Tea

I bought a new herbal tea the other day at a specialty grocery store in the general area called Heinens, which is supposed to help the liver and bladder detoxify themselves.  It does however note on the package indications that the tea, although it can be consumed every day, should not be consumed for [...]

Natural Anti Aging Skin Care May Be Best Way to Go

When you spread out several different skin care products, and compare which ones have the most viable, effective ingredients in them, you will inevitably find that herbal skin care products, and those that contain ingredients of either an herbal or naturally-derived nature, are the superior performers.  They may just contain ingredients that are derived [...]

Can an Infrared Sauna Detox the Body?

I’ve been pondering whether to get a sauna now for years.  Not really so much because when I started liking them I knew about that supposed health benefits of a sauna, but more so because I found the dry heat incredibly relaxing and soothing after I would work out at the gym where I [...]

Toxic Fish Poisoning People

In the latest news on people’s foods poisoning them, which seems to be a common theme these days, what with  the outbreaks of Ecoli, botulism and salmonella poisoning we hear about almost every day, several people have been sickened by eating fish loaded with toxins from smaller fish they ate that were contaminated with [...]