By Natural Advocate | February 4, 2008 - 10:21 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

There are so many theories on cancer and what causes it that, just as soon as I think I may have the end all, be all answer, there is another one that seems equally as plausible waiting in the wings.

However, of course, cancer isn’t just caused by one thing.  There can be many factors that increase the risk of getting cancer, and we know most of them by now, but there are some people who carry genetic predispositions for getting certain types of cancer, and those people need to be the most cautious.

Which brings me to the study.  There was recently a study made public that set out to disprove some theories on what causes cancer.  The new study laid to rest some of what it calls cancer cause myths, including cell phone use, having breast implants, and drinking coffee to name a few.

They studied the likelihood of contracting cancer in people who took part in the aforementioned attributes and found that these factors actually did not add up to cancer causing factors.

While some of the more popular but speculative theories were laid to rest, the more common sense risk factors remain the same.  Smoking tobacco and other inhaled foreign substances, excessive sunlight exposure (especially is people of European descent), and excessive drinking still play major roles in causing cancer and should be avoided or strictly limited.

Other risk factors that they said were laid to rest, which I happen to be skeptical about, are the use of deodorants with aluminum and other toxic ingredients, and artificial sweetener substitutes like SweetnLow and Equal, both of which I happen to be extremely wary of to begin with and keep at minimum by using a natural deodorant and using the alternative Stevia if anything at all to sweeten teas and other beverages normally using sugar.



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