March 2008
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Depression Hits Everyone

When depression hits us “normal people”, we often think of it as a mental disorder that only afflicts us, and the rich and affluent could not possibly feel this.  After all, national recognition and money couldn’t possibly go hand in hand with depression!?  Well, that’s not the case, and as a matter of fact, [...]

Children and Caffeine

When I was growing up, coffee and caffeinated beverages were for adults to drink.  Today, there are a large variety of drinks containing excessive amounts of caffeine that are targeting young consumers.  The most recent popular drinks high in caffeine for the young people are the variety of energy drinks.  Some of these include [...]

Working with Your Medical Doctor

Prescription medications that are meant to help us can do just the opposite if there is an error of some sort in administering them.  There are safeguards you, as the patient, can take to ensure your prescription will do the healing and none of the harming. Before your doctor writes a prescription, communicate any [...]

Studies Show Aromatherapy Not Physically Therapeutic

Well, this is a disappointing bit of news, but I’m still a bit stubborn to totally accept is as “fact” since I think smelling certain things definitely helps me with my anxiety and many times can lift my mood and give me a peace of mind that cannot be gotten by anything else. 

Researchers [...]

New Findings May Change Colonoscopies

You know how sometimes there is a finding that goes against conventional thought, which then has an effect on how something is treated, or how something is diagnosed?  Well there may be that exact thing happening right now when it comes to spotting and diagnosing colon cancer, or the beginnings of colon cancer. 

Colon [...]