April 2008
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Anitbody Testing May Replace DNA Testing Soon

In a blooming field that started in labs around ten years ago, there may be a better, cheaper and easier test that may replace DNA testing, which is currently used in helping solve crimes and to try and convict criminals. DNA testing has been a savior for the courtroom in the past several decades, [...]

Space Your Antioxidants Out

I think the whole world right now is enamored with antioxidants and what they can do for the body and overall health by protecting cells from free radical damage.  But is it all hype, or are antioxidants truly one of the best weapons against aging, cancer, degenerative diseases associated with aging and cell damage, [...]

Milk Still an Important Addition to the Diet?

I have always had such a natural aversion to drinking milk, especially milk that is of a higher fat percentage. I’ve had asthma since a young age, and I remember having it hammered into my mind that dairy products, especially milk, were mucous producing agents that should be avoided at all costs. 

By mucous [...]

Plastic Chemicals Being Looked at More Closely for Health Hazards

We had talked about this before, but now the movement toward plastic inquisition seems to be gaining ground and getting more attention than it had previously.  Before, it was really mostly a word of mouth concern that not everyone had heard about (I myself had heard it in passing a few times, but honestly [...]

Sewage “Fertilizer” Under Scrutiny

Wow, this is a pretty blatant misuse of government power, or at the very least the needless exploitation of a poor neighborhood, or three or four.  I read a couple days ago that poor neighborhoods in the Baltimore area were used as a sort of testing ground for a type of fertilizer made partially [...]