By Natural Advocate | April 21, 2008 - 8:27 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

Wow, this is a pretty blatant misuse of government power, or at the very least the needless exploitation of a poor neighborhood, or three or four.  I read a couple days ago that poor neighborhoods in the Baltimore area were used as a sort of testing ground for a type of fertilizer made partially of human and industrial waste, in an effort to see if this type of fertilizer would protect children from lead poisoning from the soil in those areas.

What investigators are saying though, is that these neighborhoods were lead to believe the sludge was safe for contact, but in fact they are saying it is not due to its questionable content.  The participants agreed to allow the sludge to be tilled into their yards in exchange for free coupons as well as free lawns planted and cared for. 

However, some are saying that the sludge could have actually poisoned children playing on the grounds where it was laid in the soil, and are saying their are traces of highly toxic elements in it, making it unsafe and ultimately unacceptable to be testing on any human being.  They are basically saying that the poor neighborhoods where it was spread and “tested” were exploited and taken advantage of, and no medical follow up was ever performed to confirm it was ok to be around people, namely children, who are ultra susceptible to poisoning with heavy metals and chemicals since their bodies are almost like sponges for things like that and they are the closest to these contaminants usually.   

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