May 2008
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Communicating With Health Professionals

As much as we complain about our doctors, we need to do our part and open a line of communication with them so they can do their job more effectively in healing us.  Most of us complain that our doctors make us wait and that the pills they give us don’t get the desired [...]

Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

As a society, Americans are far too reliant on pills and substances to fix everything from bouts of anxiety to an occasional sleepless night.  When substances and drugs are combined, the consequences can be dangerous and sometimes deadly. All medications have side effects and there is no such thing as an absolutely safe one.  [...]

50% of Us on Prescription Meds?

Yep, it’s become that big. The pharmaceutical industry must be doing cartwheels, and it’s no wonder this multi billion dollar business has serious business interests in keeping people on medications and creating new meds for different things all the time. Heck, just the other day, I heard they approved a new medication for the [...]

Avoiding Food Poisoning While Dining Out

Going out to eat is such a treat since you get waited on and often you choose something that you rarely get at home.  To keep dining out enjoyable without any regrettable repercussions later on from tainted food, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind to safely keep the experience a [...]

More Money, Less Risk of Stroke?

Well, an interesting link between the more financially affluent and secure amongst us and a lesser risk of stroke, the many times diabling and deadly occurrence where a vessel breaks in the brain and oxygen is temporarily cut off.  I’m not really sure how exactly this link was determined, and I do sometimes wonder [...]