May 2008
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More and More Medications Linked to Suicide Risk

A recent headline made me wonder, how are all these pharmaceutical medications, including the very ones meant to stave off feelings of suicidal depression and suicidal thoughts, making people more prone to commit suicide, and why?  The recent headline was about the smoking cessation medication called Chantix, and how it’s link to increased suicide [...]

Sleep is Great : In the Right Doses

Sleep seems to be one of those things that you can never get anough of.  For some people though, it seems to be all they want to do.  There is, as with almost anything else such as food intake, sun exposure and other facets of our life, a delicate balance between what’s good and [...]

The Most Powerful Antioxidant in the World?

Under the subject, antioxidants on the internet, I came across one type called the most powerful antioxidant in the world.  After clicking on the link, my curiosity led me to try to see how it differed from all the other antioxidants on the market today. This food supplement consists of a combination of grape [...]

C Diff Bacteria Causing Major Concern

When I initially started reading the “hoopla” about the C Diff bacteria, which is just a shortened name for an extremely virulent and potent bacterial strain called Clostridium dificil, which infects the whole intestinal and digestive tract and causes extreme cases of diarrhea which lead to weakness and nutrition loss, and in the most [...]

Rickets on the Rise

Rickets, the childhood disease characterized by curvature of the bones and caused by a deficiency of vitamin D, was something of a rarity in today’s society.  Usually, rickets is thought of as the childhood disease that occurred with the industrial revolution and it’s dark, smoggy skies. Rickets is, however, on the rise again in [...]