June 2008
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Red Yeast Rice Health Benefits

Elevated cholesterol levels continue to be a problem for the American population.  High cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart disease and heart attack.  While there are a number of prescription drugs on the market for this problem, there is a more natural approach to lowering cholesterol. Red yeast rice, which is a Chinese [...]

When Counseling Can Help

You see frequently in advice columns where it is recommended to seek counseling or some kind of professional therapy for a host of human behavior problems.  But how do you decide, when it comes to your own personal situation, when and if it’s time to for you to seek professional help? One factor to [...]

Coffee’s Health Benefits : Confirmed

Well, after a lot of back and forth about whether drinking coffee is beneficial or detrimental to your health, it seems somewhat of a verdict has been reached – for now at least, that coffee does have some sort of unpinned health benefit.  New research shows that women who drink coffee have statistically lower [...]

Adult Asthma in Women and Heart Disease

Being that I am an adult woman with asthma, I found this news to be interesting, and on point certainly for my personal situation.  The story was about how recent findings have indicated that adult females that have had adult-onset asthma, which is an inflammatory condition that affects the breathing passageways in the lungs [...]

Mood and Sunlight

There has been so much negative attention focused on the problems associated with excess sunlight exposure that many people are taking to very high SPF sunblocks almost all the time, and some have become almost like vampires – afraid to go into the sunlight for fear they may practically turn to dust if they [...]