Wow, we are just now starting to see a piquing awareness of what many have come to think is a harmful chemical that is used in the manufacture of plastic drinking bottles and even worse, has been used in many baby bottles over the years.

There are certain kinds of plastic – especially the harder plastics, like the kind used to make hard drinking bottles that are reusable (think Nalgene), and yes, baby bottles as well. It’s even apparently used in some coatings for bottles and containers that are not made of plastic, so you do want to be aware of that as well.

The harmful chemical, at least so far as demonstrated in lab animals as being potentially harmful over time to the human body, is called Bisphenol A, or BPA. There has long been a link between this chemical and breast cancer in women since it is theorized that the chemical acts as a synthetic hormone in the female (and male) body, and can throw off hormonal balance that is natural, thus fueling and precursing the formation and growth of cancerous cells.

An Arkansas woman has taken her beliefs to court, and has started a class action Federal lawsuit against makers of baby bottles (in this case, Playtex) containing the potentially harmful chemical BPA, without specifically disclosing the chemical’s presence in it’s plastic bottles on any labels for consumers to see.

She believes that this was the responsibility of the company to do so, since reports that the chemical may be harmful to humans has been circulating and speculated on for several years now.

What can you do to protect yourself from exposure to BPA? Well, for one thing, stop drinking plastic bottled water, and switch to only stainless steel or glass containers to hold your water and other liquids. Also try to avoid cooking any of your food in the microwave using plastic bowls or plates, as heat is thought to increase the amount of the toxin that is absorbed by your food or water, which can increase the concentration of BPA that you ingest.

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