July 2008
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Girl’s Rare Allergy to Motrin to Be Appealed

In an extremely rare case of allergic reactions from a seemingly harmless substance that is taken by millions of people every day for minor aches and pains including headaches, muscle aches and more, ibuprofen, the verdict in a case for a girl who’s family claims she went blind from taking Motrin, a Johnson and [...]

Homeopathy 101

Since I just wrote about a new homeopathic treatment for HPV warts, an increasing problem especially amongst women, which is a sexually spread disease, I thought it best to take a minute to discuss what exactly homeopathy is, and why it is a little different than just herbal medicine, naturopathy and other alternative methods [...]

Natural, Homeopathic Treatment for HPV Added

There is a brand spanking new natural, homeopathic treatment available to ease the symptoms of the HPV virus, which is the human papilloma virus that has been in the news so much lately because of the vaccine that is given to many young girls now called Gardisil, which has unfortunately resulted in some suspected [...]

Early Puberty Hits Girls Harder

The onset of female maturation, called puberty, is occurring in American girls at younger ages than it ever used to.  There are three phases of puberty.  It starts with breast budding then pubic hair growth and then menstruation begins. For reasons not yet medically explained, girls are beginning breast development at ages as young [...]

Green Tea and Heart Disease

Green tea has long been touted for it’s bevy of health benefits, from increased energy and stamina, to fat burning and appetite cutting for dieters, to antioxidant benefits against cancer causing agents and free radicals, to heart health.  The heart disease one is what we are going to talk about today, because there is [...]