By Natural Advocate | August 12, 2008 - 7:56 am - Posted in Natural Pain Relief

Well, it seems that one of the herbs that once got all the attention for being a biblical reference, frankincense, may have some benefits that are as of yet undiscovered – well, until now.  Frankincense, which is actually a hardened “resin” that is taken from the bark of a boswellia tree, which explains it’s rock-like appearance, has been used for thousands of years as a scent, used in incense and other scented smokes to produce a pleasant smell, even therapeutic some might say. 

The cool thing about the boswellia tree is that it can grow in almost any environment or soil, and in fact has even been known to attach itself to rock, and flourish, which may explain why the tree’s sap is considered to be somewhat precious in alternative medicine, and has been thought to have restorative or healing powers.  Well now it seems that through scientific testing, it has been found that the tree’s hardened sap may have anti inflammatory properties specifically useful for the natural pain relief of arthritis and joint pain

They have created an enriched extract of the boswellia tree sap, and it has been found to be healing when it comes to those with osteoarthritis.  They found that those that received the extract actually had gained more mobility in a few weeks, and also exhibited a reduction in pain associated with the harsh form of arthritis.  This may actually be a very safe, side effect free pain relief alternative for those with arthritis if they can perfect this extract, which should be exciting news for those with arthritis or osteoarthritis. 

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