October 2008
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Safely and Naturally Helping Kid’s Colds

Recently, cough and cold medicines for children under the age of 2 were no longer recommended by doctors.  The risk of rare yet serious side effects for children this young prompted the latest recommendation. With the use of cold medicines prohibited for children under 2 years old, and according to label warnings, not even [...]

New Detox Diets Not So Extreme

I had to laugh.  The other night my boyfriend and I were watching “The Office” on tv, and they were making fun of some of the fad diets because it was an episode where the office was in some sort of contest to lose weight with another Dunder Mifflin office, so everyone was scrambling [...]

5htp as Natural Anti Depressant : My Experience

I had mentioned a couple posts back that I from time to time will suffer with little bouts of depression.  It’s sort of like I get in this funk where I’m not really sure what I want to do with myself (although of course there are a million and one things I could do [...]

Vitamin B Fails the Alzheimers Test

Vitamin B was looked at as a hopeful new natural way to help slow down the progression of alzheimers, which as we all know is a debilitating disease that often comes with aging where the sufferer forgets things, many times things that are near and dear to them, and continues to show a decline [...]

Keeping Preschoolers Healthy

Preschools and day care centers are often a necessity as both parents work and cannot stay at home with their little ones.  Preschools and day cares offer a wonderful opportunity for children to learn social skills and get a jump start on learning basic academic skills prior to starting kindergarten. Along with the sociability [...]