November 2008
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Saturated Fat Linked to Small Intestine Cancer

We all know that a diet high in saturated fats is one of the most unhealthy things for our bodies.  Saturated fats lead to elevated cholesterol readings, clogging of the arteries and a whole list of bad health readings for anyone.  So why do we keep eating these types of fats? Well, fatty foods [...]

Ginkgo Biloba Not As Good As Thought for Memory/Dementia?

I want to point out that the study I’m about to talk about did not cover any of the beneficial short term effects of the herb ginkgo biloba as it relates to memory, but rather was a study that was ongoing over a few years to see if those who took ginkgo on a [...]

Nature’s Secret Herbal Colon Cleanser Review

I’ve tried many colon cleansers, some of them don’t work at all or give you debilitating cramps and gas so bad that it’s not even worth the idea that you are cleansing this vital organ out and prepping it to get waste through more efficiently and help your body circulate the toxins out of [...]

Natural Relief for Neck and Shoulder Pain

One of the most common complaints of chronic pain are in the area of the neck and shoulder muscles.  The root of the neck and shoulder pain is often caused by constant tightening of the neck and shoulder muscles as in the stressful startle response.  Due to our fast paced, high stress society, we [...]

Maintaining Brain Function as We Age

If you are 40 something and you think you’re noticing your reflexes slowing down, you’re probably not imagining it.  Somewhere around age 40, the rate at which the brain signals our motor control does start to slow gradually. New research points to this occurence happening from the insulation in the motor control part of [...]