December 2008
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Winter Blues? Herbs May Help

I just saw an interesting clip on SADD, which is a common disorder which affects the mood during the winter months, especially in climates where there is not a whole lot of natural sunlight or radiant heat (part of sunlight’s warming and mood enhancing powers), in the winter months.  I’m in one such state [...]

Zinc and Colds : Any Benefit?

It’s been a theory and a commonly held belief now for several years, at least that I’ve heard of it, that the mineral zinc is linked to helping fight off colds and helping to shorten the duration of the common cold in people who take the mineral orally.  In fact, there have been some [...]

Moisturizers May Contain Estrogens?

Recently there have been some interesting studies done on topical moisturizers, which basically every woman I know uses, and most men now use them as well, especially in the winter to combat those dry elbows and kness, and the hands are usually the worst for getting chapped, dry and irritated.

I remember seeing an [...]

Happy Holidays!

From HerbalNewsMagazine, your trusted source for the latest in herbal medicines, alternative health and natural treatments. Just wanted to say, on this Christmas Day, how wonderfully blessed I feel in life. Even with these economic problems, and the fear that lingers in the air as of late, I’m hoping that we can all forget [...]

Herbal Support for Smoking Cessation Recommendations

If you are currently, or have ever been, a smoker, then you know how incredibly challenging it is to completely quit the habit forever and never look back.  Knowing this, a lot of people seek out natural supplements and herbal support for smoking cessation that can help them get through the hardest part of [...]