By Natural Advocate | December 6, 2008 - 5:45 am - Posted in Medical News

Something that I think a lot of Americans will find infinitely attractive about president elect Obama’s medical care policies is that the incoming administration is going to be very interested in pushing for more of what’s called “personalized care”, which relies a lot on genetic testing to tailor medical care to the specific needs of the patient by looking at their records and their gene testing in depth to help determine their greatest needs and weaknesses when it comes to their health.

Genetic testing has made waves in the past few years, coming to the forefront when it comes to research on how to determine predispositions to certain ailments and diseases like cancer, autoimmune and nervous system disorders.  It can also provide markers as to what type of therapy might work best on the individual for these diseases as well, giving more  of a targeted diagnosis as well as a more tailored and effective approach to treatment of their disease.

Some of the more alarming statistics in modern day medicine is that over fifty percent of prescription medications that are prescribed to patients by doctors are ineffective in patients the first round, and much experimentation and trying out of different prescriptive options is often needed before they find the right drug.  Genetic testing could cut down on such trial and error.

A perfect example of this trial and error mentality is prescription antidepressants.  Did you know that more times than not, a patient must try several different antidepressants before they find one that is right for them?  Genetic testing could cut down on that painful kind of experimentation and make it safer and less frustrating for the patients to get the kind of care they need and deserve, something that we all hope for in this country and have been for some time.  I think Obama’s on the right track with some of his medical policies, we just need it to be executed correctly, and that’s the biggest challenge. 

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