January 2009
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Trying a New 5HTP with B6 Added from Vitamin Shoppe

I was using a brand of 5HTP for a few weeks that I definitely liked – it was the house brand that Vitacost sells, and it was the best deal on 5htp, a derivative of tryptophan, that stuff in turkey that makes you so relaxed, that I could find.  Well, I ended up running [...]

Vytorin Suddenly Backed by FDA Again?

I’m sorry, but this smells so fishy that it’s very subject to skepticism by not only the medical community, but also consumers.  Vytorin is the cholesterol drug that was found in test results and a study last year to be no more effective than a generic drug that is supposed to also lower cholesterol [...]

Teens in Poverty May Experience Depression More

In studies that suggest a link between teen depression and poverty, there are strong correlations between why the cycle of poverty may be hard to break.  It makes sense that the demographics that were studied, which were teens who were subjected to poor conditions and very low income families experienced depression more often . [...]

Quick and Easy Energy Remedies

We all suffer from shortages on that vital part of our being called “energy” at times.  Even those of us that seem to have endless energy and boundless enthusiasm for life and activities can get down in the dumps once in a while and want to call it a day and bury our heads [...]

4 Supplements for Good Skin

I love the supplements I take.  Although many of them are for multiple purposes, many of them also serve a dual purpose for good skin and making the skin’s elasticity last longer, as well as nourishing it with vital nutrients that it needs to fight off the many environmental assaults that it comes up [...]