February 2009
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Depression Era People Grew Their Own Food

I was reading the most interesting article the other day about a woman in her eighties who lived through the Great Depression that started in 1929, living in the Great Plains where farming was also failing, and farming methods were bad so not only was everyone dirt poor, but their were also huge dustbowl [...]

Now’s a Great Time for Grapes!

One of my favorite healthy snacks to have is grapes.  I especially love them when they’re plump, a deep purple color, and juicy and sweet.  There are only a few select months that grapes seem to really be at their firmest and best tasting, and that so happens to be in the winter months, [...]

All About the Flu Shot

Flu shots have been found to be a safe and effective means of preventing the flu from spreading among the population by the Center for Disease Control.  The recommendation for the flu shot used to be for the elderly and for children with health problems that put them at increased risk for complications from [...]

New Natural Remedy for Hives

I’ve recently written at length about a new natural remedy for hives that uses the basis of homeopathic medicine healing to help clear up hives.  Hives can be caused by any number of factors, including but not limited to stress and anxiety, emotional distress, and allergies, among other things.  Sometimes the exact cause of [...]

Controversial Foods

Americans are becoming more health conscious and are always looking for better foods to include in their diet to improve their well being.  As a result, there are debatable food trends that have pros and cons regarding their impact on our physical health and on our environment.

Most of the time, moderation is the [...]