March 2009
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Tobacco Plant May Help Diabetes

There seems to be an exciting development in plant based medicine that actually has to do with a plant we’re used to hearing (justifiably) negative news about, the tobacco plant.  Tobacco is the basis for a lung cancer causer extraordinnaire, the cigarette, and so most people regard it with extreme skepticism and even hostility. [...]

Hair Cloning a Future Wave of Hair Loss Treatment?

When you hear the word “cloning” you tend to think of one of two things.  Some sci-fi movie where the cloned humans have taken over the real humans, and are devoid of emotion or any real true sense of self, or you think of Dolly, the first (well, at least the first publicized) scientific [...]

Gray Hair : What Can You Do About It?

The following is an article I recently submitted for publication about the new discoveries recently made in why we get gray hair, and if there is anything that we can do to prevent gray hair.  I myself am very interested to know of any new developments, since I seem to have more and more [...]

Sleepless Nights Compensated For?

There was a popular misconception that if you miss a night of sleep, if you just sleep longer the next night, you could “catch up” on sleep, and then this was naysayed by medical doctors saying that you cannot in fact catch up on sleep by getting more the next day.  However, there is [...]

Transplants For Thinning Hair

There’s been more and more revolutionary ways to help with thinning hair, in both men and women, that have provided natural, real hair in areas that are quickly losing hair due to a variety of reasons.  These reasons for hair loss can vary from stress to male pattern baldness or propecia, to chemical overdoses [...]