By Natural Advocate | March 21, 2009 - 5:13 pm - Posted in Hair Loss Treatments

There’s been more and more revolutionary ways to help with thinning hair, in both men and women, that have provided natural, real hair in areas that are quickly losing hair due to a variety of reasons.  These reasons for hair loss can vary from stress to male pattern baldness or propecia, to chemical overdoses on the hair like excess coloring or excess processing, and finally, one of the hardest things to correct, is genetics.

Many of us are simply genetically predisposed to losing hair in varying patterns on our heads, and this is very difficult to address since it’s not always easy to figure out the reasoning behind it, nor is it as easy to correct as some of the other more correctable ones.  Because of the dramatic changes that hair loss induces in our appearance, and the massive amounts of mental stress this puts on us because of that, hair loss remedies like Profollica and Provillus have become immensely popular with those who are looking for natural remedies to regrow their own hair.

There is another way though, of course, it is expensive, but it is gaining popularity and the process is becoming more perfected so that it looks much more natural than the procedures of yesteryear, and that is hair transplants.  Hair transplanting is where the physician, who should specialize in this procedure since it is very technical and specific, takes hair from other areas of the head, usually underneath by your neck since no one really sees that hair anyways, and takes it out by the follice, and transplants the hairs, many times many at once, to the area that is missing the hair.

You may have seen this done on some people and it was very noticeable, probably because they didn’t have someone with good experience and skill to do it natural looking, and you may have also seen people, men and women, with hair transplants, and never even guessed that they had it done.  Hair transplants can be very successful and very gratifying to the indivudal getting them, but they are usually best when the balding, or spot hair loss, is still smaller, so that large areas don’t have to be done at once, which makes the outcome a bit more natural looking.

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