April 2009
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Bee Pollen and Other Bee-Derived Health Products

Other than being deathly afraid of bees since  I am allergic to certain types of bee stings (you should see me out in the yard gardening when one won’t leave me alone, let’s just say it’s pretty comical and I’d be embarrassed if someone happened to see my reaction), I am aware that they [...]

Ohio Local Produce Growers Band Together

I recently read an interesting piece on how local Ohio farmers are banding together, along with Ted Strickland, Ohio’s governor, to try to improve the statistic that only 1% of Ohio produe is bought from local farmers.  That means that the rest of the 99% is shipped in from other states, which means it [...]

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries See Huge Demand

It must be the perfect storm of circumstances right now for those that are seeking out the therapeutic use of marijuana from legitimate dispensaries in the states where medical marijuana dispensing is legal (right now I believe there are like 13 states that allow distribution for medical purposes). Marijuana has been known as a [...]

Women and Heart Disease

Heart disease used to be considered predominantly a “male” disease.  The fact of the matter is that heart disease will take more women’s lives than the next 7 leading causes of death. Women need to be equally aware of their heart health as men.  One in 12 women age 45 to 64 have some [...]

Multivitamins Do Poorly in Testing

Well, if you’re one of the millions of Americans that takes a multiple vitamin every day, then you may want to check a website by an independent (supposedly) research lab called Consumer Labs, which claims that they tested several top selling multi vitamin formulas for both men and women and found that an alarming [...]