By Natural Advocate | April 8, 2009 - 10:00 pm - Posted in Foods

The price of food, along with everything else lately, has skyrocketed.  There is something people can do to control the cost of their food and that is to start their own vegetable garden. Not since the victory gardens during the first and second world wars, has gardening taken on such popularity.  If you have access to a decently sized lot with a good size backyard, you can plant a garden that could be sufficient for food for the summer.

If you apply yourself and have a good green thumb, you could have enough to can or freeze for the year round. Another avenue people are looking towards, if they do not have their own land, is the community gardens.  In many cities and suburbs, there are often community gardens with a specified number of plots for their residents to use.  Civic pride and community involvement are boosted with the community gardens.

The bonuses of starting your own garden are many.  The gardens get you outdoors and help you get lots of exercise, fresh air and sunshine.  The community gardens can, in addition, provide a nice means of socializing and meeting new people in your neighborhood.

By growing your own vegetables, you will be encouraged to include lots more of this often overlooked food group in your diet.  The vegetables raised in your own garden will be fresher and tastier than those purchased at the grocery store.  There will be no worries about pesticides or chemicals in your produce if you grow your own.

Psychologically, there is a satisfaction derived from growing a finished product such as a vegetable from seed.  Working in the soil outdoors can be a great stress buster. For individuals who are retired or laid off, this is a perfect opportunity to make good use of their time and take their mind off their troubles.  If you never gardened before, there are classes offered at local libraries, churches and community centers on the subject because of the surge in the popularity of gardening.

Sometimes, when we need ot cut back our spending, we can become more creative and actually have fun economizing.  The popularity of the backyard and community gardens is a bright spot in our gloomy economic times.

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