By Natural Advocate | April 17, 2009 - 6:00 pm - Posted in Vitamins & Minerals

I have pale Irish skin, which puts me at prime risk to develop all types of skin cancers, and so far, I have developed a few minor lesions that are of the least serious nature, the basal cell carcinomas.  Even though these are not serious, I am now dealing with my fourth lesion on my face, in the same area that I dealt with before, and this does not bode well as far as telling into the future as to how likely you are to develop further skin cancers and even other types of cancers. I guess all I can do is stay out of the strong sun, eat well, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle and hope for the best when it comes to getting something more serious.

My fourth lesion of basal cell carcinoma cropped up in what seemed like an overnight deal.  One minute it wasn’t there and the next I noticed a red scab that kept crusting over and wasn’t healing like normal scabs should.  I instantly recognized that his was another basal cell carcinoma lesion because I have dealt with them before.  The most disturbing part is that it happens every time right by the scar that is still on my forehead, albeit now a pale white line, so that makes me wonder if I’ll just keep getting them in this same area no matter what I do.

I went out and bought a stronger sunscreen, thinking it may be sun rays that are coming in through my car since I drive a lot, that’s causing the damage.  I still have a bag of concentrated vitamin C (ascorbic acid) powder in my bathroom cupboard for whenever these arise, and I went ahead and prepared my solution again as I did last time.  I prepared it in a contact case that I wasn’t using, so it’s very little solution that I produce, but I mix it with a tiny bit of lukewarm water, just so the crystals dissolve in the water, and then I swab it on the lesion directly with a q-tip.

I kept doing this all night, probably a total of at least five times, and already by the end of the night, the lesion had turned black and fell off, leaving irritated, red skin behind, proving that this was not normal, healthy skin, but rather cancerous skin cells, of the less dangerous kind of course, but nonetheless disturbing.  Has anyone else had multiple experiences with recurrent basal cell carcinomas and used any treatments or preventive measures that helped to keep them from coming back?  If so, I’d love to hear them, not only for myself but also for the readers since I know others must have experienced this before as well.

If you have experiences with this, please comment, I’d love to hear your story.

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