By Natural Advocate | April 20, 2009 - 10:00 am - Posted in Vitamins & Minerals

Well, if you’re one of the millions of Americans that takes a multiple vitamin every day, then you may want to check a website by an independent (supposedly) research lab called Consumer Labs, which claims that they tested several top selling multi vitamin formulas for both men and women and found that an alarming percentage of them did not have what they claimed to contain in them per their package labeling.

This has been a common complaint of consumers and consumer’s rights groups, in that one can never be sure that they labeling says the correct, accurate and honest truth about what’s in a certain supplement or vitamin.

This is definitely a risk we take with most vitamins and supplements we take, however it would be nice to know which ones are the worst offenders, especially considering Consumer Labs claims that about thirty percent of the multi vitamin formulas they tested, both male and female formulas by the way, did not contain what they said they did, or were contaminated with lead.  Both are pretty serious, especially since too much of a certain vitamin can be damaging to different organs, especially if taken over long periods of time.  And how would you know the difference?

The problems identified with the thirty percent of these formulas were that they contained either way more of a certain vitamin or mineral than the label claimed, which can be dangerous since some vitamins store in a person’s body fat and can become toxic if they aren’t flushed out.  Another problem was that some did not contain nearly the IU (units) of a certain vitamin or mineral that they claimed.

Of course, the last issue is one of the scarier ones, and that is the lead contamination part.  Lead is a heavy metal, and can be extremely dangerous when it builds up in the body, and isn’t even good for the body in small amounts.  You may have heard about someone who has had “lead poisoning” before.  There’s a reason lead is not allowed in toys, paints and siding any more, it’s hazardous to the human body.

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