May 2009
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What is a “Proprietary” Formula?

Well, I watched a documentary with my boyfriend the other day, and am sad to say that one part  of it made me doubt some supplements that say their vitamins or supplements with herbs and other natural ingredients are partially a “proprietary formula”. What proprietary means is that they don’t have to disclose exactly [...]

Ginger Root Helps Chemo Nausea

In a study that is a fairly large magnitude for an herbal or alternative folk remedy, ginger root has been found to be a surprisingly effective antidote against nausea in chemotherapy patients who are being treated for cancer.  Ginger has long been used as an herbal remedy against nausea and stomach upset, and the [...]

Citing Finances, Cities Cut Smoking Campaigns

Anti smoking campaigns have really come to the forefront lately, as the world has been realizing that smoking kills you, and has serious deterimental health effects when done over long periods of time.  It used to be that almost everyone and their best friend smoked.  Back in the fifties when smoking was at it’s [...]

Diabetes Isn’t Just About Too Much Sugar

When you think of diabetes, you think automatically, just like I did, of a disease that is many times brought about, or made worse by, too large an intake of sugar.  I mean, when you consider how much sugar we each take in a year in the typical American diet, it makes sense that [...]

Too Much Sunlight Could Cause Suicidal Thoughts?

It appears that the opposite of what we thought to be logically true may the actual reality.  Well, not really, but in a sense yes, since the perception is that lots and lots of sunlight helps to keep depression at bay. While it is true that plentiful natural sunlight is good for depression – [...]