By Natural Advocate | May 27, 2009 - 9:19 pm - Posted in Natural and Herbal Treatments

In a study that is a fairly large magnitude for an herbal or alternative folk remedy, ginger root has been found to be a surprisingly effective antidote against nausea in chemotherapy patients who are being treated for cancer.  Ginger has long been used as an herbal remedy against nausea and stomach upset, and the thought was that it may be very useful in helping chemo patients overcome nausea during treatment, which often causes their quality of life to suffer dramatically as well as their appetite to plunge, making them lose drastic weight which leads to more health problems and eventually can lead to weakening and even death if it’s not watched carefully.

Patients were tested for how effective ginger root capsules might be in helping to prevent the onset of nausea after their chemo treatments.  This is a common side effect of this controversial but highly used treatment for cancer, and it causes many to avoid getting chemo in the first place because it can be so dramatic and unpleasant at times.  However, it was found that ginger root capsules were most effective when they were started several days before the chemotherapy began, as it did not have as much of an effect if any at all when it was done only simultaneously along with the treatment itself.

It looks as is ginger root can be an excellent preventive medicine against nausea, however the key word is preventive.  It has to be taken prior to the chemo and it has to be in the system several days before it can be of use.  Ginger root is also known as a cleansing agent, so taking this can not only help you with nausea and upset stomach, but it also may help to purify toxins out of the system if the folklore about this is true.

Lots of people, including myself before, are under the impression that ginger ale soda is effective against nausea and upset stomach, however most ginger ale sodas do not contain any real ginger at all, or so very little that they are not effective against nausea, so ginger root itself or capsules is recommended for the best results.  However, if you happen to know of a brand of ginger ale that contains the real stuff, this may be useful.

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