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I think that everyone, whether a man or woman, wants to have nice hair.  Heck, every woman thinks that a guy with great hair is a catch.  Patrick Dempsey on Grey’s Anatomy, case in point.  So, it’s only natural that there are certain vitamins out there that can target making your hair more lustrous, shiny and healthier looking.  After all, your hair, like your skin, is a reflection of your nutrition intake, and vitamins and supplements can help your hair to look expertly nourished.  You think the likes of Jennifer Aniston and other beautiful celebrities with “great hair” have gotten their hair all from their genes?  I bet they take a vitamin or two to maintain that glossy look!

I like one vitamin supplement in particular for making my hair shinier, thicker and more noticeably healthy, and that’s the Futurebiotics Hair skin and nails formula.  It’s a two a day vitamin, but I think that’s a little overkill myself, so I take one a day personally, but I do notice that when I stop taking it my hair tends to look duller and not as healthy, so that’s how I decided that it really does make a difference in how my hair looks.  I wouldn’t take it as a woman’s hair loss vitamin, but I would take it if you want to improve your hair’s looks and vitality.

The vitamin has something like close to twenty different ingredients, and it comes in a rather large chewable formula, although I admit it’s not all that tasty to chew, but I’m so used to it after taking it for years that I chew it and swallow it without a problem.  I think this helps the ingredients to disperse into the body and be utilized more readily, so I chew any vitamin that comes in this form so that I can ensure optimal absorption.

It is one of the most popular healthy hair vitamins out there right now, as evidenced by the reviews I’ve read on other websites that sell the product, and I’ve had great results using it.  I usually don’t take many supplements for as long as I’ve taken this, so that’s proof in the pudding!

By Natural Advocate | June 26, 2009 - 6:20 pm - Posted in Hair Loss Treatments

While genetic factors remain the number one reason for hair loss in women and hair loss in men, there are still ways we can help keep the hair that’s on our head from falling out, as well as help our hair to more quickly regenerate itself and promote healthy follicles.  There are some hair loss remedies like Provillus and Profollica which use the principles of natural medicine to help stimulate the genesis of new hair growth by infusing the body with ingredients that it needs to create these necessary building blocks.

After all, your hair is just like your skin – it’s a collection of new cell growth, and when the right environment and nutrients is not there, hair cannot regrow itself or weakens substantially, falling out and not being replaced.  This can also be due to other factors besides genetics.  Some medications, for example, have been known to cause hair loss, and also some physical conditions have been known to have hair loss as a side effect, but these are often more easily rectified since they are dependant on another factor, not just the genes you were dealt by your mother and father and their mothers and fathers.

Since hair loss has been linked to deficiencies in vitamins E, B6, iron and the all important zinc, you would want to focus on foods that are high in these ingredients, but also low in fat since high fat intake has been linked to increased levels of the hormone testosterone, which is the primary culprit behind premature hair loss – in both men and women.  Dang those male hormones, they’re also responsible for acne!

Some of the foods that you can eat plenty of and they may give you a healthier head of hair that’s more resilient to hair loss are : almonds, which are a great source of all the vitamins listed above,a nd also happen to be high in the ultra healthy unsaturated fat which helps you to stay thin and metabolize better, omega 3 fatty acids.  Steak is actually good to eat if you’re worried about hair loss.  There’s that other little issue about red meat being bad for your heart and other health issues, but steak actually has some of the goods that will help you to regenerate your hair more easily.

Milk is another good one because it is high in protein, and is generally good for the hair skin and nails – but only drink low fat.  Eggs are also an excellent source of the vitamins we listed above, and they are rich in other nutrients as well. If you’re concerned about your cholesterol, then just make the eggs with only half of the yummy yolk and this should cut your cholesterol in half that you are consuming.

By Natural Advocate | June 24, 2009 - 6:03 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

You’ve probably heard by now that probiotics, or acidophilus, which is a friendly bacteria that your colon and digestive tract needs to stay healthy, gas free and working at optimal levels to rid the body of waste and also to fully and properly digest your foods, are available in supplement form.  But acipophilus, or active cultures, are also found in a food that you can enjoy on a regular basis that also happens to be good for you. It has calcium and protein, and it can be very low calorie if you buy the light version.  It’s yogurt, and yogurt has enjoyed an immense hike in popularity since it became known that these active cultures are beneficial to your digestion.

Not only are they popular, but there are now even yogurts that are specifically geared toward colon health and digestive aids, like Yoplait’s probiotic yogurst and Dannon’s Activia, which is probably the most popular, and I believe also the first “probiotic” yogurt on the scene that actually advertised as being one that was good for digestive health and rectifying constipation.  Many people who were chronically constipated and had a lot of gas say that they’ve gotten relief from eating these types of yogurts in a matter of weeks, and are swearing by it to keep them regular from now on.

I’ve actually tried the Activia before, and had good results.  In fact, the results were so good that I felt the effects within a half hour after eating it . I felt my stomach gurgling and digesting away, like something was happening in there.  I’ve had problems with constipation and IBS my whole life, so it was nice to find a product that specifically addressed colon health all together and not just constipation or colon cleansing by itself.

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Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a vital nutrient for humans.   Vitamin C functions in the body as an antioxidant.  Fresh supplies of vitamin C are required daily as our bodies can only store a certain amount of this vitamin and without it scurvy will result.

Vitamin C functions in the body to synthesize collagen and is essential to the development and the maintenance of blood vessels, cartilage and scar tissue.  Natural sources occur in many foods such as oranges, lemons, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables.

If you feel you do not get enough vitamin C in your diet from vegetables and fruits, you could look into supplementing with this vitamin.  Vitamin C supplements come in a vast variety of forms and different strengths.  There is vitamin C powders, supplements made with rose hips, cold remedies such as Airborne and Emergen-C.

Rose hips are the actual seed pod of the rose and are naturally high in vitamin C.  Thevitamin C that you take can also come in a slow release form.  The slow release variety is convenient because you don’t need to take many doses during the day.  It provides a continual supply of vitamin C all day long.

If you  feel you usually get enough vitamin C in your diet but need a boost of vitamin C when under stress from a cold or too much partying you can find temporary vitamin supplementation from Airborne or products such as Emergen-C.  Emergen-C provides 1000 mg. of vitamin C along with B vitamins.

Emergen-C is sold primarily as an energy booster.  Airborne, used for immune boosting, is a combination of vitamin C, vitamin A and E, minerals and amino acids.  Airborne is intended for use at the first sign of a cold and can signifigantly reduce the severity and duration of a cold.

Ester-C is another variation of vitamin C products.  Ester-C is a calcium ascorbate that states it will stay in your body longer at a higher level than alternate forms of vitamin C.  Ester-C boasts of rapid absorption as well as better retention of your vitamin C level.  Ester-C has an advantage over other forms of vitamin C as it is non-acidic and gentler on your stomach and is less likely to cause problems such as heartburn.

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Who doesn’t love a massage?  That is, who doesn’t love a massage that isn’t one of those people who’s a little skittish about strangers touching them?  It’s hard for me to imagine, but there are some people who don’t like the idea.  I’ll pay for a stranger to give me a massage any day (from a reputable establishment that is eheh).  I think everyone equates a massage with total escape and relaxation, something that feels great that you don’t have to do anything for, other than lay there and pay the price it costs for the massage itself.  I think the best thing for me about a massage is the fact that the touch is so therapeutic, almost like it’s healing just to be touched, and actually a lot of research suggests that is totally true.

I just got back from a massage, the first one I’ve had in a long time due to finances and cutting back in my household, and I couldn’t feel any more relaxed.  I got one that is deep tissue, and the massage therapist really worked over my mid back and my neck and shoulder area, where I tend to carry all my tension.  She said that my muscle knots were fairly easy to work out, because I’m a smaller person and she was able to find them more easily, but it’s not always so easy on bigger men and women to find and manipulate the knots that are causing pain and discomfort.

It is true that massage releases a lot of built up toxins, and that you do have to drink a lot of water afterwards, and right now, although I feel totally relaxed and blissful, I must say I also feel a little exhausted and nauseous, which I’m going to attribute to the fact that it’s been a year since I had my last massage and I probably have tons of toxins waiting to come out of my body.

So here I sit, water in hand, totally blissed out, and even though I have lived with chronic back and neck pain for years since I’ve been in two car accidents, and have always tended to have neck and back pain anyways, am completely pain free, besides for some of that lactic acid already building up in my tissue and making me sore.  But it’s a good sore, as in the kind of sore that means you’ll feel great the next day or two!

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