July 2009
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What is Thanatology?

I read the most interesting article on a therapy that uses music to help aid dying patients in their comfort and peace during their final days.  It was more so interesting to me because I actually have a family member who is currently dying of cancer.  I saw him last week and felt helpless [...]

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Cholesterol levels that are too high put us at risk for heart disease and stroke.  Factors that can effect cholesterol levels are unhealthy diets or a genetic predisposition to elevated cholesterol levels.  Some of the steps you can take to bring your cholesterol levels under control are dietary alterations, an increase in physical activity, [...]

What Foods Can Help Prevent Balding and Hair Loss?

When it comes to losing your hair, you are gonna like the options you have for beefing up your diet to help prevent against losing that precious commodity on the top of your head early on in life, or perhaps at all.  Of course, genetics play a large role, especially for men, when it [...]

Rapamycin for Anti Aging, Cancer, Autism Treatment?

One of the more fascinating possibilities on the medical horizon for potential antiaging usage is the drug called Rapamycin.  Rapamycin was initially found in the 1970’s in the soil of Easter Island.  It has been used for it’s immunosuppressive qualities with transplant patients to minimize the chance of organ rejection.

HGH for anti aging [...]

Why is Celiac Disease on the Rise?

Celiac disease, which is a disease in which a person cannot digest wheat derived gluten properly, is on the rise here in the US and possibly abroad as well, and it has some doctors scratching their heads as to why it has quadrupled in a relatively short time period.  Celiac disease is one where [...]